Top Notch Consultants' Results Lead to Positive Outlook

Top Notch Consultants is celebrating a successful summer with both outstanding sales and promotions within the team. With this positive outlook, the managers have announced a hiring/recruitment effort is underway.

“August is shaping up to be one of our best months yet,” said Tony, Top Notch Consultants’ President. “Everything is coming together for our team to have an excellent 2018.”

Among the Top Notch Consultants office achievements, Tony noted that sales have been at an all-time high. “Normally, summer can be a slow period in this industry, but not this year. We are killing it when it comes to hitting goals,” he said. “Our national partners are pleased with our work and we’re growing our business as a result.”

To bolster the team’s excitement, Tony noted that there have been several promotions this month, which leads to new openings. “We have room to add to our executive roster,” he said. “We’re actively seeking go-getters who are motivated and have a true taste for innovation. Great candidates are ones who want to stay ahead of the curve, learn, and grow with us. If that’s you, let’s talk.” 

Top Notch Consultants’ President Discusses the Onboarding Process for New Hires

“We have a rather unique training/coaching program here at Top Notch Consultants,” Tony explained. “Our thought is to make learning immersive so people can quickly grasp our methods and what makes us successful.”

To develop the necessary skills to launch effective product campaigns, new associates work alongside account managers who guide them through the process, starting with partner meetings through to completion. “We bring our new people on board by having them join us for initial meetings, where they can observe firsthand how we secure new business,” Tony said. “From there, we guide them as they develop innovative messaging and other customized aspects of our sales and marketing strategy. With one-on-one coaching, they gain the right perspectives to achieve results.”

Growth doesn’t stop after the early training. “Those people who show determination during their earliest days are welcome to join our Management Training program where they’ll acquire even more advanced skills that position them for rapid career growth,” Tony added. “They’ll learn the ins and outs of running an office, from how to make sales, to HR best practices, to recruiting new team members and more. As our team’s current success shows, it doesn’t take long to move up the ladder if you have the right mind-set. If you think you have the qualifications and ambition to succeed, contact us today.”

About Top Notch Consultants

Top Notch Consultants specializes in achieving world-class lead generation results. The combination of well-researched buyer profiles and talented expertise allows the firm’s experts to craft powerful campaigns. Their effective, flexible outsourced marketing model can be easily customized and scaled to meet each business’ unique needs. They excel at driving levels of brand awareness that exceed expectations. As a result, they ensure ROIs are achieved faster so companies can quickly expand into new regions. Top Notch Consultants’ goal is to provide exceptional service to brands across the nation. Visit them online at

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