Top Notch Consultants Announces New Location and Recruitment

The managers of Top Notch Consultants, an interactive marketing firm rooted in the Charlotte region, announced their relocation to a larger office in the area. The new space includes room for expansion.

“We needed a new space to accommodate our ever-growing team,” stated Tony Bleta, Top Notch Consultants’ President. “We could not be happier with this location.”

As Tony expressed, Top Notch Consultants’ operations have rapidly expanded. This left their previous location cramped. “We pretty much outgrew our old office,” he explained. “We found that as we added more people, there weren’t enough places for everyone to work efficiently.”

“The new location is larger and provides us room for continued growth, which we are projecting,” Tony continued. “Each quarter we’ve been raising the bar and clearing it. This move isn’t just about relocation. It’s about the success we’ve created in this industry.”

According to Tony, the space offers a better environment that is more conducive to the level of productivity the firm has become accustomed to delivering. “We’ve always been top performers and go-getters,” he stated. “Having room to spread out, spaces allocated for collaboration and meetings, and reflective areas has long been my dream. I love watching this come to fruition.”

Top Notch Consultants President Announces Hiring Initiatives

In addition to the office relocation, Tony announced that Top Notch Consultants would be recruiting for sales and marketing positions. “With the fall season soon approaching, we are looking to hire ambitious, driven individuals to our team,” he said.

Tony noted that the ideal candidate would possess a positive attitude and be willing to learn. “We have an exceptional onboarding program here as well as ongoing training,” he stated. “We help bring our new associates up to speed quickly. They learn our methodologies and become quickly immersed in what we do. We also have coaches to work with them one-on-one.”

“Collaboration is critical,” Tony emphasized. “We need people who are willing to share their ideas and contribute to our success. No one operates in a vacuum here. This is team-based culture. We strive to deliver exceptional solutions and do so by working together. Our philosophy is that when one person wins, we all win.”

Inviting interested individuals to apply immediately, Tony concluded that Top Notch Consultants is an excellent place to work. “We’re known for our progressive advancement policies. People don’t just come here for jobs. They come here to launch careers.”

About Top Notch Consultants Top Notch Consultants specializes in achieving world-class lead generation results. The combination of well-researched buyer profiles and talented expertise allows the firm’s experts to craft powerful campaigns. Their effective, flexible outsourced marketing model can be easily customized and scaled to meet each business’ unique needs. They excel at driving levels of brand awareness that exceed expectations. As a result, they ensure ROIs are achieved faster so companies can quickly expand into new regions. Top Notch Consultants’ goal is to provide exceptional service to brands across the nation. Visit them online at

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