Top Athletes Seek Dr. Raj's Holistic Treatment Protocol for Fast, Full, and Often Game-Changing Recoveries After Injury

Leading Orthopedic Surgeon Blends Rapid Surgery, Stem Cell Therapy, and Lifestyle Consulting to Keep Patients in the Game and Thriving

Beverly Hills’ “lifestyle” orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Raj, has the silver lining treatment plan that is turning ordinarily traumatic sports and joint injuries into positive life-changing experiences for his patients. Using a strategic combination of rapid surgery, stem cell therapy, and lifestyle tweaks, the double board-certified Dr. Raj is helping many top athletes, celebrities, and politicians to not only stay in the game, but up their games too.

“More often than not, something like a severe knee injury will completely alter a life—my job is to see that it is still altered, but only in a positive way. It sounds eccentric, but I want my patients to be able to look back at their injuries and think, ‘that was one of the most positively impactful things that has ever happened to me,’” says Dr. Raj. “I do this by taking a more holistic approach to treatment. Basically, we tackle the injury from every perspective. This often includes correction through surgery, rebuilding with stem cells, and making significant lifestyle changes that reduce pain and inflammation in the body. In taking this three-pronged approach, it is not uncommon for patients to find their body functioning even better than it had prior to injury.”

However, Dr. Raj is not just prescribing healthy lifestyle tweaks to others; as a huge fitness and nutrition advocate, he is happily living by his own advice. Additionally, when it comes to stem cell therapy, Dr. Raj has made a name as the sports industry’s go-to expert. He is not only bringing athletes to full recovery (and then some), but he is doing it in record time as well.

“Have you ever heard the phrase ‘fighting fire with fire?’ That’s what we’re doing with stem cell therapy. By extracting stem cells from the bone marrow of a patient’s pelvic bone, properly purifying and prepping those cells, and then injecting them back into the body at the site of injury, we are able to rapidly (and naturally) regenerate and heal the body with the body. Not to mention, this sort of treatment has an incredible impact on inflammation, which in turn, dramatically reduces associated pain.”

While the majority of orthopedic surgeons will end treatment at corrective surgery, Dr. Raj takes his treatment protocol several steps further to focus on prevention as well.

“Often hip, knee, and other joint injuries can cause a dangerous domino effect in a person’s life, even after surgery,” says Dr. Raj. “The chronic pain and extensive downtime traditionally brought on by these injuries often leads to long-term opioid use, lack of exercise, depression, and eventually poor nutritional habits too. My mission is to make the former scenario the exception, not the rule.”

Dr. Raj is the only sports injury expert in his field to offer a combination of surgery, stem cell therapy, and lifestyle consulting.

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About Dr. Raj

Los Angeles' top orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Raj is the sports medicine and joint replacement expert taking a truly holistic approach to treatment. Commonly credited as the "lifestyle guy," the double board-certified Dr. Raj is known for not only rapid correction, but also long-term prevention of orthopedic injuries. Using strategic combinations of orthopedic surgery, stem cell therapy, and lifestyle tweaks, Dr. Raj garners outstanding results designed to keep patients "in the game"….and thriving. In addition to being sought by the highest-profile athletes, celebrities, politicians, and business executives for his comprehensive treatment protocol, Beverly Hills-based Dr. Raj is also regularly called upon by various network television and news outlets for his expert medical commentary. He has been featured on E!, Fox, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and more.

Source: Beverly Hills Orthopedic Institute


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