METABRGE is First Ever Digital Retailer on Top Three Metaverse Platforms

Metaverse Wearables Retail Shop Chain Continues to Dominate Space After Major Land Buys on Decentraland, Cryptovoxels and The Sandbox

METABRGE, a company bridging the gap between the physical world and digital realities, today announced that it has become the first Metaverse retail shop to buy land on the three largest Metaverse platforms: Decentraland, Cryptovoxels and The Sandbox. With its land purchased on the three different metaverse platforms, METABRGE will take on the challenge of constructing its virtual retail shops according to each platform's individual building requirements.

Within its retail shops, METABRGE plans to create their own digital wearables in addition to collaborating with top fashion brands to drop the newest and hottest wearables for users from web 3.0 to dress their virtual characters within the Metaverse. The company will also aid brands in designing and creating digital branded products and have them registered on the blockchain as Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that will double as NFT wearables for the Metaverse.

"With the NFT space having experienced a breakout year as third-quarter sales reached $10.7 billion, we believe that it is just getting started as industries beyond digital art are tapping into the potential of NFTs," said Benny So, Head of Communications for METABRGE. "The fashion industry is providing the latest example of this as fashion juggernauts, such as Dolce and Gabbana, have begun creating wearable, digital collectibles and selling them for astronomical prices. We at METABRGE saw the opportunity to help trending fashion brands capitalize on and join in on this by aiding in creating curated NFT wearable designs and providing a virtual space to sell these collections."

Within The Sandbox platform, METABRGE's estate is direct neighbors with world-renowned rapper Snoop Dogg's and Grammy-award-winning Steve Aoki's. Additionally, this past December, DJ Steve Aoki performed at a Christmas party that METABRGE built on Cryptovoxels for one of its partners, Monkey Kingdom.

METABRGE's locations in the three Metaverses are as follows: 

● The Sandbox: Coordinates -4, 82; -6, -84; -6, 82; -4; 84; -6, 83; -5, 82; -4, 83; -5,83; -5,
● Cryptovoxels: Address: 4 Addy Gardens in Origin City - Coordinates (456E,11S,)
● Decentraland: Coordinates (38,89)

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