Top 5 Real Estate Books in 2024

Real estate investing remains a popular way to grow wealth. But unless you go through the alternative investment platform Yieldstreet, which offers ease of use and accessibility, success generally does require know-how.

The good news is that there are plenty of books available that cover every aspect of the world of real estate investment. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, here are the top five real estate books in 2024.

How to Invest in Real Estate: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started

By Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner, this book is for absolute beginners or those who are interested in real estate investing but first want to get an idea of what it all entails. It addresses common questions and myths, offers helpful and practical advice, and discusses in detail all the different types of real estate investing. 

Real Estate by the Numbers: A Complete Reference Guide to Deal Analysis”

This book is best-suited for first-time investors, since it offers an abundance of practical and technical information to help you implement what you’ve learned so far. Authors J Scott and Dave Meyer teach you step-by-step how to analyze your investments, and back up their guidance with examples and anecdotes.

Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat: The BRRRR Rental Property Investment Strategy Made Simple

If you’re ready to level up your approach, this book by David Greene covers the ins and outs of this real estate investment strategy in easy-to-understand language. Even if you’re still kind of new to real estate investing, the book offers manageable steps for revving up your investing strategy to scale your business.

Mastering the Art of Commercial Real Estate Investing: How to Successfully Build Wealth and Grow Passive Income from Your Rental Properties”

Best for commercial real estate investors who aspire to be real estate moguls, this book by Doug Marshall offers everything you should know in plain language about financing and managing commercial real estate investments. And Marshall knows whereof he speaks -- he’s a veteran of the commercial real estate space and works as a commercial real estate broker.

“The Book on Rental Property Investing: How to Create Wealth and Passive Income Through Smart Buy & Hold Real Estate Investing”

This Brandon Turner tome offers a comprehensive overview of how to become a successful real estate investor, from putting together a team of CPAs, attorneys, and contractors, to choosing the best locations. It also talks about passive income tax and how to effectively manage your properties, as well as how to put together an exit strategy. 

Among these top five real estate books in 2024, there surely is at least one that suits your current situation as well as where you’d like to go. Heeding these authors’ experience and wisdom can save you a lot of trial and error, as well as time and money. You may as well benefit from someone who’s been there.

Source: Yieldstreet