TOOTRiS Partners With National Child Care Association to Help Daycare Centers Thrive

Free Webinar Provides Critical Tools & Resources for Child Care Providers, Benefiting Working Parents, Employers & Children

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 As the workforce settles into more remote and hybrid schedules, Child Care centers need to be prepared to better support parents, including part-time and drop-in care.

"Licensed Child Care is trying very hard to find its 'new normal,'" said Cindy Lehnhoff, Director of the National Child Care Association (NCCA) a national nonprofit advocacy and center accreditation organization. "Unfortunately, we lost over 100,000 members of our Child Care workforce during the peak of COVID-19 and many are not returning to work."

In an effort to provide Child Care centers the insight, resources & enrollment tools they need to handle this shift, TOOTRiS - a tech startup that connects parents, Child Care providers, and employers via a real-time platform - has partnered with the NCCA for a free webinar on Wednesday, August 4. "Building Your Business Back" will focus on new working parent schedules and how businesses use TOOTRiS to support their employees with Child Care resources and cost-sharing.

"The lack of qualified Child Care staff and centers will keep parents home and employers without enough employees to meet the needs of their business as we strive to return to 'normal,'" Lehnhoff said. "We are excited to have TOOTRiS present its innovative approach to support our Child Care workforce and families." 

Nearly 8 million Americans say the main reason they're still unemployed is because they are caring for children not in school or daycare, according to Household Pulse survey data from the U.S. Census Bureau. By having the right tools and resources, Child Care providers can become more accommodating to fluctuating schedules of parents returning to work while increasing their enrollments.

"Parents are tired and frustrated by the broken Child Care system. They need a flexible and real-time platform that gives them access to convenient, affordable and on-demand Child Care," said TOOTRiS Chief Data Officer Eric Cutler, who will be leading the webinar. "By supporting Child Care providers, we're also supporting working parents and businesses, while helping our economy recover and preparing our children for a successful future."

TOOTRiS is reinventing Child Care, making it convenient, affordable and on-demand. As the world shifts to digitalized services, TOOTRiS helps parents and providers connect and transact in real-time, empowering working parents - especially women - to secure quality Child Care, while allowing providers to unlock their potential and fully monetize their program. TOOTRiS is creating a new digital economy that promotes entrepreneurial opportunities for individuals with passion and talent to become Child Care providers, improving their quality of life while increasing the much-needed supply of Child Care across the state. TOOTRiS' unique technology enables employers to provide fully managed Child Care Benefits, giving their workforce the flexibility and family support paramount to regaining employee productivity and increasing their ROI.

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