TOOTRiS Launches 4Me&4U2 Referral Campaign Nationally to Boost Family Child Care Providers

On-Demand Child Care Platform Levels Playing Field & Gives Working Parents More Affordable and Quality Options

 As many Child Care centers continue to struggle to keep their doors open, TOOTRiS has launched a nationwide referral campaign to increase the visibility of smaller in-home providers while giving working parents more affordable and quality options. TOOTRiS, an award-winning on-demand Child Care platform, connects parents, providers, employers and subsidy programs in real time.

As part of the campaign 4Me&4U2, Family Child Care providers who create a free profile on the TOOTRiS platform and are "enrollment ready" can refer another provider to sign up and become "enrollment ready," and both will receive a $100 gift card.

"We want to give a voice to Family Child Care providers, many of whom are women of color," said TOOTRiS founder and CEO Alessandra Lezama. "These smaller in-home providers manage nurturing home-like programs and while offering a wonderful option to parents looking to enroll their children, they are not widely visible to searching parents. By enrolling more Family Child Care Providers on TOOTRiS, we are giving these programs a digital presence and a fully functional online platform to showcase the quality of their programs, giving them direct access to parents looking to enroll while providing more options and flexibility for parents to fulfill their Child Care needs. It's a win-win for families, providers and employers as Child Care is an essential service and at the center of our economic recovery."

For Los Angeles-based Family Child Care owner Jackie Jackson, joining TOOTRiS has transformed her business.

"I have been on TOOTRiS for about a month now and it has really helped my program grow," said Jackson, who launched Touched by an Angel Child Care in 2001. "I was concerned about how I was going to drive new enrollments to my daycare due to the COVID-19 pandemic. TOOTRiS has helped me resolve my concerns of having to be one of those providers that may have to close due to the lack of children. Since I registered and created a profile with TOOTRiS, I'm now at my capacity and I currently have three children on the waiting list."

With TOOTRiS, providers can connect with parents virtually in real time, provide virtual tours, display program distinctions and other unique capabilities all from their mobile phone. The platform gives providers — at no cost — program management tools that relieve them from tedious administrative duties that historically have been manual. TOOTRiS processes all provider payments, so they are not concerned with the workflow of collections, and ensures they get paid on time. TOOTRiS — the only real-time Child Care platform that helps providers forecast enrollments and earnings — is also enabling a crop of new women entrepreneurs who have a passion for early childhood education to start their own licensed in-home daycare.

"The TOOTRiS platform provides Child Care providers like me with the necessary tools that are needed to open and operate a home-based business for free," said Jackson, who has referred TOOTRiS to six other in-home Child Care providers, all of whom are also at capacity since joining. "All your starting tools are there — from creating your bio to adding your pictures, creating your own price list and your upcoming events, etc. It's very easy and they always have an available representative to walk you through the process to get you on your feet."

TOOTRiS has the largest network of state licensed and registered Child Care providers nationwide — currently more than 180,000. As the platform continues to expand and add more providers, TOOTRiS plans to leverage its unique technology to help bolster the economy while solving the ongoing Child Care crisis.

"Child Care providers — especially women of color — hold our communities together and are an integral part of moving our economy forward by helping parents get back to work," Lezama said.

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