TOOTRiS and Urban Plates Partner to Serve Restaurant Workers With Child Care Services


Child Care can be a constant struggle, especially for parents in the restaurant industry working flexible day, night, and weekend schedules. To support the needs of their employees, Urban Plates, the fast-casual restaurant chain, is excited to provide an innovative solution - on-demand Child Care powered by TOOTRiS.

Under the partnership with TOOTRiS, each of Urban Plates' 650-plus employees across California can now easily find and connect with thousands of Child Care providers and enroll directly from their computer or mobile device.

"Finding quality and affordable Child Care is an ongoing challenge for our team members with young children as it is for all working parents," said Alison Wagner, Head of Human Resources at Urban Plates. "The partnership with TOOTRiS allows them to arrange for reliable Child Care, whether planned or in an emergency. They no longer have to scramble to get shifts covered when a child gets sick, or their regular caregiver is unavailable. Most importantly, they have some peace of mind knowing their children are being looked after by vetted professionals while they are on the job."

TOOTRiS is providing critical help to the hospitality industry at an opportune time as nearly 8 million employees - 2 out of 3 restaurant workers - lost their jobs during the pandemic. As business is returning to normal, TOOTRiS - with more than 180,000 providers in its nationwide network - offers unique advantages to the restaurant and retail industries with a Child Care benefit that increases their ability to increase recruitment, retention, and staff productivity.

"The stress of finding Child Care during the varying hours when restaurant employees need it can be a significant challenge to the well-being of their whole family," said TOOTRiS CEO Alessandra Lezama. "Through TOOTRiS, Urban Plates is enabling its team members to find affordable, high-quality care so they can do their jobs effectively. I applaud Urban Plates taking this initiative. People are more productive and enjoy working when they feel their whole family unit is supported."

TOOTRiS is revolutionizing Child Care by making it convenient, affordable and on-demand through its comprehensive platform. TOOTRiS' unique technology enables employers to provide fully managed Child Care Benefits, giving their workforce the flexibility and family support paramount to regaining employee productivity and increasing their ROI. As the world shifts to digitalized services, TOOTRiS helps parents and providers connect and transact in real time, empowering working parents — especially women — to secure quality Child Care, while allowing providers to unlock their potential and fully monetize their program. TOOTRiS is creating a new digital economy that promotes entrepreneurial opportunities for individuals with passion and talent to become Child Care providers, improving their quality of life while increasing the much-needed supply of Child Care across the U.S. Visit for more information.

About Urban Plates
Urban Plates began in 2011 with a single restaurant in Del Mar, California; there are currently 16 locations, with more to come in 2022. Headquartered in Solana Beach, Calif., the brand has locations throughout San Diego, Orange County, the greater Los Angeles area, and Northern California. Urban Plates' expansive menu items are made fresh in-house, from scratch, every day using clean (organic whenever and as much as possible) ingredients. With menus that include gluten-free, plant-based, dairy-free, pescatarian, low-carb, or any combination of the above, Urban Plates is committed to bringing variety and honest value to its guests. Follow Urban Plates on Instagram or on Facebook, or visit the brand online at

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