Tolez Announces Launch of Customizable RGB Ambient Lighting Home Decor to Enhance Any Room

Tolez, an experienced leader in innovative LED technology, has announced the release of a smart, futuristic, wall hanging artwork with customizable RGB ambient light that instantly sets the mood and atmosphere in any room for relaxation and enhanced entertainment. Tolez makes any space special with soothing colors and pulsing rhythms that light up music, games, and movies. Tolez is available now. Learn more here:

Tolez is a pleasing piece of artistic home décor with smart lighting system designed to elevate the feeling of any space, create the perfect lighting for any mood, and enhance the entertainment experience. With 16M+ colors, 12 dynamic effects, seven built-in scenes, and various rhythms that sync up to music, games, and movies, Tolez takes entertainment to a whole new level so that users can enjoy different ambient glowing effects and create many unique lighting patterns and RGBW animations. With a delicate wood grain surface that brings nature home in an artful way, Tolez looks appealing whether it's lit up or not.

"Everyone loves the effect of ambient lighting. It helps to set the mood and feeling of any room with soft glowing effects and rhythms. Tolez takes a new approach to ambient lighting. Designed as a gorgeous modern wall hanging artwork with fully customizable RGB lighting effects, it instantly enhances any room to create a mood, set the tone for a gathering or elevate the gaming or cinema experience. With virtually infinite colors and effects, along with convenient app and voice control, Tolez makes any space come alive," said Alan Chow, CEO, Tolez.

Tolez features easy control and customization via the Tuya Smart App, allowing the lighting to pulse with rhythm based on a person's music, games, and movies. It's the perfect way to magnify sensory perception and elevate the entertainment experience. The lighting is voice control compatible with smart home assistants Alexa/Siri/Google and is extremely energy efficient. It uses just 2 watts for each panel, 92% lower than traditional light bulbs, and has a lifespan of more than 25,000 hours, 92% longer than traditional light bulbs.

Tolez Customizable RGB Lighting home decor is the perfect way to enhance entertainment and gaming, set the right tone for a party or simply help with relaxation. It is available now with special discounts and deals for early adopters. Learn more at:

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