"Toilet Slide for Dogs and Pets": Collects Pet Waste Without Having to Bend and Pick It Up

More than three in five Americans or 62% have a pet according to a May 2011 Harris Poll and of these seven in 10 have a dog. While walking and exercising one’s dog is enjoyable owners also must collect and dispose of their pet’s waste even though it is a distasteful job This duty is made simpler, cleaner and easier when using this new tool.  The Toilet Slide For Dogs and Pets is a specially designed animal waste collection device, which extends and retracts at the push of a button, to be easily positioned under an animal's rear end when the animal is about to defecate. The design intent is to provide consumers with an easy means of collecting and discarding animal waste from the source without the need to retrieve it from the ground.

The Toilet Slide For Dogs and Pets is made of lightweight plastic material and features an elongated telescoping handle that enables the user to compact the device to a fraction of its length when not in use. The unit operates with a push-button release mechanism incorporated into the design of the handle. When depressed it extends the handle several feet and when again depressed the handle retracts back to the original length. The base of the Toilet Slide For Dogs and Pets has a collection tray framework measuring six inches in diameter that holds a removable plastic bag over the rim of the unit. When attached to the Toilet Slide For Dogs and Pets this disposable bag holds the waste. Plastic drawstring bags designed for use with this device are included with the initial purchase of the unit and are available in refill packages sold separately. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Toilet Slide For Dogs and Pets. 
The Toilet Slide For Dogs and Pets is Patent Pending and was invented by John Evans of Country Club Hills, IL who said, “I love my dog and enjoy our walks, but it can be daunting (smelly and messy) to have to bend over and pick up the doggy doo.  This tool is easy-to-use, it holds and disposes of the waste with ease and the pet is not bothered by it either.  It is a valuable tool and it works.”

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