TM Prosthodontics Talks About How Sugar Negatively Affects Teeth

Eating sweets will rot teeth, TM Prosthodontics reminds the public. We all know that candy and sodas can cause cavities, but do people really understand why this happens? Frequent snacking on foods high in sugar and starches increases the amount of time the teeth are exposed to the dissolving effects of various acids. The frequency of snacking is more important than the amount of the snack. The most common source of sugar is found in soft drinks and juice drinks. Twelve ounces of Coke contains 20 teaspoons of sugar; 12 ounces of many fruit drinks contain 1/4 cup of sugar.

This process forms the acid that can damage the enamel of a person's teeth. This process lasts for about 20 minutes. The acids begin eroding the teeth's enamel when people fail to rinse their mouth with water or to brush their teeth. If people do not rinse their mouth with water to neutralize the acids right after eating, or brush their teeth soon after, the acids will begin to erode the thin enamel of their teeth. If left there, this will lead to cavities.

The sugar adheres to the teeth, begins eroding the enamel, and can lead to cavities and general tooth decay over time. Sticky foods are retained on the teeth and create a longer time for acid production. High in sugar, sticky foods include peanut butter, fruit snacks, chewing gum, raisins, other dried fruits, and many candies. Even starchy foods such as cereals, bread, crackers, pretzels, and potato chips may linger in the mouth longer than some sweet foods. Just remember foods that dissolve/melt are better choices than foods that stick.

People might be surprised to learn about some of the many foods and drinks that can cause cavities. Many people would have never thought these were capable of causing cavities. For example, an apple contains sugars that can cause cavities. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but it keeps the dentist on speed dial.

It is important for people to brush right after eating so that the sugars do not adhere to the teeth for long periods. And, if brushing isn’t an option, it is important that people rinse their mouth with water to not only wash away some of the food that could be stuck to the teeth but to also neutralize the acids in the mouth. If they can, they should brush their teeth within an hour after eating. Most people don’t have to give up sweets for good, they just have to be smart. They can have the foods and drinks they love and still have a healthy smile so long as they rinse and brush soon after enjoying them.

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