Titan Elements Sustains Growth, Recruits Talented Grads

Titan Elements' President discussed the firm's ongoing growth and efforts to attract the sharpest college graduates. He also provided some advice to help new grads impress during job interviews.

​As the executive team at Titan Elements watches the firm’s steady growth, they are focused on adding dynamic new talent. Matt, the company’s President, stated, “We know that our continuing success demands additional top-performing professionals, and we are looking for driven individuals to join our team. College graduates are especially attractive candidates, and with May quickly approaching we have our sights set on attracting the brightest talent.”

New graduates bring a range of positives to any organization. Matt and other team leaders at Titan Elements recognize these advantages and are excited to use them to help the company expand its influence. “There is something special about the ambition carried by new graduates,” the President added. “They want to make an impact on the world, and they don’t want to wait to do it. When you combine that type of motivation with updated technical knowledge, you get a determined and versatile team member.”

"It is essential that you make a strong impression when interviewing for a great job,"

Matt , President

Matt believes the company’s emphasis on professional development makes Titan Elements an ideal fit for graduates. He explained, “Our training program is extensive and focused on making the most of each person’s unique abilities. We also set clear expectations and provide an unblocked path to career advancement. I think those points of emphasis make Titan Elements an attractive destination for passionate young professionals.”

Titan Elements’ President Offers Interview Tips to College Graduates

“It is essential that you make a strong impression when interviewing for a great job,” Matt remarked. “For college graduates without much work experience, it might feel difficult or even impossible to impress a hiring manager. However, I believe there are some easy ways to do so.”

One thing the President encourages graduates to do is research the company, hiring manager, and job opportunity every time they pursue a position. “There is no excuse for not doing your homework,” he added. “You can use the company’s website, LinkedIn, and your network contacts to find out as much as possible about a given employer.”

The President also recommends arriving early, but not too early, and being prepared to impress the interviewer. “I know that here at Titan Elements, we prefer a candidate to show up about 15 minutes early for an appointment,” he stated. “That’s enough time for the interviewee to collect his or her thoughts, but it’s not so early that it would make the interviewer feel rushed in any way. If you arrive with a few minutes to spare and bring along extra copies of your résumé, you will make a positive impression right from the start.”

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