Titan Elements Receives Top Places to Work Award

Titan Elements' team is excited to announce that they were recently named one of Fair Business Report's (FBR) top places to work for 2016. As managers noted, the firm has earned a reputation in the community for good hiring practices.

“This is quite an honor because it reflects how our associates feel about working here,” stated Matt, Titan Elements’ President. “When you have a team that is confident in your leadership, it reinforces that you’re headed in the right direction.”

The FBR bestows this award on firms like Titan Elements that have created a “positive and empowering workplace for team members.” As is stated on the organization’s website, companies are recognized when they receive “10 or more positive reviews within one calendar year.”

"When you have a team that is confident in your leadership, it reinforces that you're headed in the right direction."

Matt, President

Firms are generally recognized for those efforts that go above and beyond to make the workplace inviting and successful. These can include outstanding professional development, community contributions, mentoring and coaching, rewards, and career paths.

Award-winning companies are eligible to display their Top Place to Work badge on their own websites.

“Generally, companies are recognized for creating a culture that encourages associates to succeed,” Matt stated. “We’re always focused on this type of environment.”

Titan Elements’ Manager Discusses Strong Company Cultures

As a firm, Titan Elements has several key elements that add to its positive culture. “We have an exceptional training program for our new associates, with additional learning and networking opportunities for individuals who are working toward leadership roles,” Matt stated. “We have a peer-to-peer guidance program that ensures our associates move along a track that is comfortable for them and that they’re able to learn and grow in a safe environment.”

“Our promote-from-within policy provides a strong incentive for associates to be dedicated to our firm’s objectives,” Matt added. “It’s always helpful when you’re with a company to know where you’re headed.”

Perhaps more than career success, Matt added that Titan Elements places emphasis on team camaraderie as a key to attaining goals. “We wanted to create an environment in which people could strive to attain individual objectives,” he noted. “We also realized that the sum of the whole is greater than the parts. Therefore, we encourage our associates to collaborate and work together toward common goals. Cutthroat competition doesn’t have a place here, which means people work in more trusting cohesion.”

Throw in weekly team nights, fun contests, travel rewards, and more, and it’s no surprise that the firm has earned this honor.

“I know I wake up every day, excited to see my team,” Matt concluded. “It’s rewarding to know they all feel the same as well.”

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