Tips to create Final Year Projects Reports

Most students and especially those who have taken specialization in business and science, on the verge of completion of their studies would be needed to write reports for their projects.

As a matter of fact, project writing is a must for every student of higher education and rather it is considered to be a process. It begins from understanding the project topic. It is all about conducting research, writing and reading. Next stage involved is to write different types of drafts. It is then followed by editing and proof reading. Finally Project report is created.

Generally, the Final Year Projects does have the necessary sections:

·   Preliminaries: It comprises of the title page, table of contents, abstracts, list of figures and tables, including acknowledgement (optional).

·   Main text: It includes literature review, introduction, methodology/analysis, results/findings, conclusion and discussion.

·   Appendix and references.

Having a close look at the different sections


Before beginning the major portion of the Final Year Projects, a title page needs to be present that should contain information for identifying precisely what this project is all about. It needs to have the individual’s course, name, project title, supervisor, year and month of final presentation of project.

It also should generally include table of contents and abstract page. The latter needs to offer some background information and state clearly the main purpose of report, for providing information on methodology utilized, vital results and conclusion.

The abstract in fact, needs to summarize the project. Table of contents lists out the page numbers for main sections, figures and tables of project report.

Main text

Main body is created from various sections, paras of ideas, arguments and data. Introduction offers background knowledge which supports reason to write the Final Year Projects and organization statement.

Moreover, it also states objectives and aim of project, including statement of issues that needs addressing in due course to carry out project, along with scope of project significance state clearly in introduction. It might also include definition of several terms in report context. It needs to introduce main purpose or central idea or project report.

Literature review should discuss previous work and history that has been contributed by others in this domain of project study. It also includes literature review for providing background to the report and for attracting reader’s attention.

The methodology/analysis section offers details of on how information in the report is obtained. It might offer details about the procedures and materials used and shown in form of diagrams, graphs and tables.

Results and findings offer data which is collected, while discussion argues that results could lead to clearly expressed conclusion. Sections get linked for connecting ideas.

Report purpose is to give clear idea about the presented project and the reader should also be in a position to follow the development made. It might be shown as tables, diagrams or graphs and discussions might include any limitations which could cause issues with any kind of claims that are made along with possible explanations for the results.

Lastly, the references include information about the website and book referred details.