Things to Keep in Mind While Undertaking MCA Projects

The choice of a topic for a project need not be something drastically different but may be quite a common one as long as there is originality and creativity in the approach.

1. Every project should be live project and applicable in real-time applications. If the final year work does not involve any real-time concept then no prospective employer will consider the candidate even worthy in an interview and can be left alone in job placements.

2. One must ensure that the design is professional and not amateurish. Either the student must learn GUI designing or take the help of a professional web designer to ensure that the graphical interface does not lack in any way from the perspective of looks, ease of use and navigation.

3. Final year training is better if done with a company that has international clients so that there is good exposure to domestic as well as foreign clients.

4. There are different types of companies; one that charges a student to complete his or her assignment with their company and another type of firm provides projects for free.

Often a student is confused with the choice. Some think that a company that is training students for free is more ethical but then there is the quality of training to worry about.

Those who charge a fee often dedicate a couple of staff to train newcomers. Moreover, if one were to observe closely the company does incur certain overhead costs on training so it is quite ethical to charge unlike the common misassumption.

5. Choose a company that understands the importance of projects of MCA students and is generous and gracious in explaining and giving some amount of physical space as well as making students a part of a senior developer's team for greater exposure.