TimeClick Publishes Blog on How to Deal with the Great Resignation

TimeClick provides insight into what the Great Resignation is and how employers can mitigate its effects.

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 TimeClick's Digital Content Specialist Daniel Lee brings a new blog on a recent topic of interest: the Great Resignation. In an event dubbed the Great Resignation, record numbers of Americans continue to quit their jobs and to search for something new.

As of now, a staggering total of 4.4 million Americans have handed in their resignation. Marking a historic surge in job turnover, this drastic shift among workers has captured the attention of employers and market analysts nationwide.

Lee suggests the crux of the issue lies in a sudden surge of customer volume following the COVID-19 pandemic. With lockdown protocols removed, waves and waves of customers flocked to their usual places of patronage.

Though a sudden influx of business may initially seem a boon, Lee goes onto describe the problems with this phenomenon. One such contributing factor lies in ongoing global supply chain issues.

After months of lockdown, customers swarmed a market that only recently has begun to reawaken. Lee cites massive price jumps for products ranging from graphics cards to used cars, all seemingly caused by the ongoing imbalance in supply and demand.

This factor compounds with worker wages remaining the same. As a result, Lee dives into the problems that arise from this combination.

The blog explores how restaurant workers, for instance, face throngs of customers who could express anger and frustration at rising prices. These same workers then also have to deal with increased prices on necessary expenses, all at the same paycheck that does not reflect the recent spikes in inflation.

As a result, Lee says, the Great Resignation came about. People quit to look for better-paying jobs.

After identifying this problem, Lee then suggests multiple methods of dealing with these problems. He suggests that employee engagement lies at the center of why so many people have quit. Their jobs became harder as life became more expensive.

The apparent solution requires employers to adapt and to rethink their current business approaches, especially since the end of the current supply chain problems are not yet in sight.

Lee offers potential solutions for employers, including pay raises, pay bonuses and increased benefits. He identifies that these solutions do not cost an insignificant investment on the part of the employer.

Even so, his point remains firm. Record numbers of people have already left their jobs. This means that companies will have to compete harder than ever before for new talent - a phenomenon Lee dubs talent inflation

With all of these points, Lee concludes his thoughts with a recommendation for TimeClick. Changes in the business can prove difficult to manage without the right tools.

To read the full blog, check it out at https://timeclick.com/how-to-deal-with-the-great-resignation/.

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