TimeClick Hosts Live Webinar on PTO, Vacation, Sick, and Holiday Tracking

Yesterday's live webinar, hosted by TimeClick Marketing Manager, Grant Esser, presented the benefits of paid time off. A live walkthrough of TimeClick's PTO tracker and a Q&A were also given.

Yesterday, August 19, TimeClick, a time clock software company based in Utah, hosted a live webinar on PTO, vacation, sick, and holiday tracking. Grant Esser, the Marketing Manager at TimeClick, presented the webinar with a live walkthrough of the time clock software's PTO tracker.

The webinar's two objectives were outlined as giving the viewers an understanding of TimeClick's PTO system and helping them become knowledgeable enough to make business decisions. 

To begin facilitating viewer interaction, several questions were asked for the viewers to answer in the chat.

The first question asked was, "On a scale of 1-5, how important is PTO to your business?" The majority of those who answered this question valued PTO between a 4-5. This means PTO is generally very important to employees, employers, and managers.

Next, the question, "On a scale of 1-5, how important is tracking PTO correctly?" was presented. Most viewers answered 5, meaning tracking PTO correctly is extremely important.

Finally, the last question was, "Your #1 issue with PTO tracking?" This open-ended question received several responses, the majority of which were accuracy.

With these responses in mind, Esser moved on to the benefits of offering PTO at your company. These benefits included employee hiring, employee retention, competing with other businesses, work-life balance, attendance, and productivity boost

Not only can offering paid time off to your employees improve your likelihood of success when hiring employees, your employees are also more likely to be present and productive with a better work-life balance.

After discussing paid time off as a general topic, Esser dove into the PTO tracking feature within TimeClick. He demonstrated each step to setting up the tracker properly.

The first step is setting up categories. A category is a rate of how much time off an employee earns and when they earn it.

TimeClick allows employers to create an unlimited number of categories for annual, monthly, by pay period, and hourly paid time off.

The next step is to set up the accrued time balance, or the "piggy banks" as TimeClick calls it. This balance shows the amount of paid time off an employee has left.

Next, requesting and using PTO was demonstrated. Within TimeClick, employees can submit time requests for the times they want to use PTO, which the administrator can then approve or deny. An administrator may also record time off manually within the software.

The final piece of the PTO system in TimeClick, the Accrued Time History Report, was then explained. This comprehensive report can show you anything from accruals to balances and deductions.

The webinar ended with a Q&A in which viewers' questions were addressed. 

You can watch the recorded webinar at www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCz_U8BKyq4

To read more about this webinar, visit https://www.timeclick.com/timeclick-hosts-webinar-on-pto-vacation-and-sick-tracking/

Source: TimeClick