TikiLIVE Releases Premium Channels on Smart TVs Popular OTT Programming Provider Now Compatible with Branded Televisions

TikiLIVE, a leading Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and Over-The-Top, or OTT Provider, has just released a host of premium channels on Opera based Smart TV’s.  Hisense, one of the largest television brands in the world, will feature these premium channels.

"Launching the newest TikiLIVE on app to be compatible with the most popular TV brands and platforms in the world is a win-win for TikiLIVE and our Smart TV Partners,” said Tim Green. CEO and Founder of TikiLIVE.

The lineup of premium channels is to include ESPN, AMC, Discovery, A&E, FX USA, History, National Geographic and about 300 other premium, independent channels and over 20 Radio Channels. TikiLIVE main market is focused within North America but other boutiques of niche content packages shall be offered worldwide. This cable alternative will be focused around those who own Smart TVs and who like to save money on their premium content subscriptions.

“Consumers love Hisense televisions because they combine the best content with a premium viewing experience,” said Mark Viken, VP of Marketing, Hisense Americas. “Our partnership with TikiLIVE means that our consumers have more access to content than ever before.”

Through joint relationships such as these, Hisense will continue to bring premium picture technology, a quality product and the best content to consumers at incredible value.

The TikiLIVE OTT lineup shall be more compelling and compete head on with other market leaders in the same space such as Sling and Direct TV. To learn more about Hisense TV and the Smart TV App, visit TikiLIVE online today.

About TikiLIVE

TikiLIVE specializes in OTT (Over The Top)/ IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) platform development and cloud hosting that deploys enterprise solutions while providing first-in-class streaming to its clients. The TikiLIVE team focuses on delivering HD video, including live streaming, video-on-demand (VOD) and music. TikiLIVE provides its users with a comprehensive set of tools for producing, managing and programming their live HD streaming content across all devices.

For more information, please visit www.tikilive.com. To speak with a representative directly, please call 305-289-4557.

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TikiLIVE is an IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) / OTT (Over The Top) platform development and cloud hosting company that deploys enterprise solutions while providing first-in-class hosting to clients.