TikiLIVE Releases New Roku App With EPG

Over the Top (OTT) Provider Simplifies Menu, Benefitting Viewer Demand

TikiLIVE, a leading Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and Over­The­Top, or OTT Provider, recently released their new Roku App with EPG.

As a pioneer and innovator of streaming HD TV, the TikiLIVE platform has helped convert an army of users to internet­based streaming as their first choice for home entertainment. TikiLIVE is taking back TV by featuring an advanced EPG (Electronic Program Guide) making content navigation a whole lot easier on Roku.

Roku's advanced EPG TV grid is what people want to use for channel surfing and fast channel selection.

Tim Green, CIO

“Roku’s advanced EPG TV grid is what people want to use for channel surfing and fast channel selection,” said Tim Green, CIO of TikiLIVE. “The upgrade essentially means increased usability with easier channel surfing with no more getting lost in the old ‘tile’ style menus.”

This complete rewrite of the Roku menu and EPG shall include an easy way to navigate LIVE channels by scrolling through the current and future programming. This is a sign that the OTT game has changed and users can now experience the traditional cable TV guide on your Roku streaming device. TikiLIVE enables White Label Operators to also deploy their applications onto the Roku channel store, enabling the Operator to expand their OTT business. All of the TikiLIVE apps now share a common interface that is intuitive and easy to use making TikiLIVE, and by extension their White Label Operators, the names to trust when it comes to OTT on­demand programming, and live HD streaming TV.

About TikiLIVE

TikiLIVE is an IPTV Provider (Internet Protocol Television) / OTT (Over The Top) platform development and cloud hosting company that deploys enterprise solutions while providing first­in­class hosting to clients. The TikiLIVE team focuses on delivering HD video, including both live streaming video and video on­demand (VOD). TikiLIVE provides its users with a comprehensive set of tools for producing and managing their live HD streaming content.

For more information, please visit www.tikilive.com. To speak with a representative directly, and find us in the Roku app store,­ please call 305­-289-­4557.

Source: TikiLIVE