Three New Books to Feast the Imagination of the Literature Lovers

Odyssey chronicles has announced the launch of its best trilogy series with the introduction of its three new fantasy fiction book presented by the writer Malaika Bahizi.

In what could be interpreted as bold move to serve the literature lovers, the odyssey chronicle is all set to introduce its three new set of trilogy series book written by the best writer of imaginative realism Malaika Bahizi. Her fantasy fiction is often appreciated across the world and in her latest release, the three books The Life of Zoya, A wizard's Tale, and The Afterworlds has a lot to offer to the literature lovers.

In the book the Life of Zoya: The main character Zoya of the first book is introduced in the pre-release book. Zoya lives on the planet Zulturion She deals with humans while managing herself as a human on earth. It becomes for her to survive on earth as she has spent time in another life. Her trials are recorded by a writer and the readers come to know about her story. The book deals with her ordeal and best trilogy series has depicted it in the best way. In the second series the writer has attracted a center theme of good versus evil in her book the Wizard's tale. It has depicted fiction fantasy in the best possible manner.

The story revolves around the two wizards, galaxies, power, love, hatred and fear. It depicts a picture of how two powerful wizards ruled, destroyed and relived their own worlds. The book deals with their friendship, their separation and their vengeance. The writer has brought her vivid imagination into account by reflecting a new world that is uncommon yet something with which the reader can associate in the best way.

In her third book the writer has taken fiction fantasy to a new level by unraveling the complexities of life after death, something that has been from a long time attracting human imagination.

In the book the afterworlds, the books depicts the increased association of mankind with their eagerness to know what follows after death.

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