Odyssey Chronicles Is All Set To Launch New Books to Serve Its Readers

The soaring popularity of the after worlds and a wizard tale has envisaged a new hope for the writer to pitch in with some new books to serve the masses.

The odyssey chronicle's success has envisaged a new hope in the mind of the writer and ever since the success of her book The after worlds and a wizard's Tale the writer has been pitching in to launch few new books to feast the masses. The odyssey chronicle is all set to serve few new books on the platter of the modern genre that would be more exciting and interesting than the after worlds and a wizard's Tale. The release of the new books are yet to be decided but as per the writer they will have more interesting settings and plots that readers have come across in all the three fiction fantasy genre that was served to them through the odyssey chronicles. So, those who have read the three series that Mallika Bouzazi presented must have been well aware of the writing flare that she possesses and the imagination that is far beyond explanation. But for those who have not got the opportunity to feast their eyes and imagination by reading the trilogy series that was put on the platter. In order to serve those masses here is a short summary given which you can read and decide upon whether to go ahead with the books or not.

The Life of Zoya--The main character Zoya of the first book is introduced in the pre-release book. Zoya lives on the planet Zulturion She deals with humans while managing herself as a human on earth. It becomes for her to survive on earth as she has spent time in another life. Her trials are recorded by a writer and the readers come to know more about her story.

A Wizard's Tale deals with wizards, galaxies, power, love, hatred and fear. It depicts a picture of how two powerful wizards ruled, destroyed and relived their own worlds. The book deals with their friendship, their separation and their vengeance.

The last book, The Afterworlds shows the world of afterlife which is the fascination of mankind.

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