Thought For Food Partners With Leading Food and Ag Organizations for TFF Academy and TFF Summit in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Events aim to connect food and ag innovators of today and tomorrow to co-create a sustainable food system that feeds 9+ billion people by 2050

The Thought For Food (TFF) Foundation is delighted to introduce the TFF Academy, a 4-day immersive educational program focused on empowering the next generation of talents in food and agriculture, preceding to the 6th annual TFF Summit. The two events will take place from 23-27 July in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

The 4-day TFF Academy opens its doors at the creative Eleva School, where 200 select young innovators and entrepreneurs from around the world will work alongside industry leaders including Syngenta, KWS, DSM, BASF, as well as non-profit organizations such as Sight and Life Foundation, reNature Foundation, Borlaug Institute for Food and Agriculture, and the Kirchner Food Fellowship, to help solve some of food and agriculture’s most important challenges.

The interdisciplinary learning program takes participants on a journey from inspiration to exploration, from reflection to activation. Expert-led specialization tracks will cover topics such as Nutrition, Big Data and GIS, Synthetic Biology, Urban Agriculture, DIY Innovation, Impact Investing, Rural Entrepreneurship, and more. Additionally, skill-building masterclasses will equip leaders with practical skills such as fund-raising, storytelling, digital marketing, creative thinking, and how to build and manage high-performing teams.

Supported by global experts in design thinking methodologies, TFF Academy participants will also have the opportunity to solve real industry challenges. They can implement an agroforestry project in Rio together with the reNature Foundation. Alternatively, they can develop new solutions for smallholder farmers with Syngenta, or participate in the project on autonomous machinery for farming with KWS. Furthermore, every day is intentionally infused with energizing community-building experiences, including slam poetry, cooking, art projects, yoga, dance, and other meaningful social interactions.

Everything culminates at the 1-day TFF Summit, which brings together top investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, corporate executives, policymakers and other types of innovators at the iconic Museum of Tomorrow, and features inspirational keynotes, pitches from the TFF Challenge Finalist teams, a “pop-up pitch room”, an awards ceremony and art installations.

The overarching theme for this year’s TFF Academy and TFF Summit is Multispectral Thinking, which is a key part of TFF’s unique open and collaborative approach to solving the world’s grand challenges. Inspired by the power of multispectral imaging technology used to see beyond what is possible with the human eye, this theme is about encouraging people to open their minds to new perspectives and influences in order to uncover a broader spectrum of innovation possibilities. By bridging normally divergent areas like purpose and profit, social impact and technology, science and art, the TFF experience enables participants to better understand the complexities of our interconnected world, and build the skills, tools and professional networks required to become effective leaders of change.

Christine Gould, Founder and CEO of Thought For Food Foundation explains:
"The TFF Academy and TFF Summit represent a new approach to system-change in the food and agriculture sector by applying 21st-century learning methodologies that focus on experimentation and interdisciplinarity to achieve non-traditional results. We focus on fostering new ways of thinking and collaborating because, as Einstein once said, you can’t solve problems with the same thinking we used to create them.”  

Interested in connecting with the planet’s most innovative food and agriculture startups, next-generation talent and building long-lasting business relationships? Join the TFF Academy and TFF Summit this July in Rio de Janeiro.

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Source: Thought For Food Foundation


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