This Black Friday, JustFly and FlightHub Suggest Spending on Experiences Rather Than Things

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​​​Why own more stuff when you can experience more places? It’s time people start doing more, instead of buying more. FlightHub and JustFly provide some “worldwise” hints on how to explore all options to save big and soar way beyond a local crowded mall.

Gadgets and tech may last a few years, but the memories of a special excursion last a lifetime. When the cost of a trip is amortized, it becomes absolutely invaluable. Why watch a new big-screen TV when booking a big trip and seeing it all live rather than in HD is a possibility?

Experiences are the new “thing.” People shouldn’t think of them as bucket-list items, but rather as go-tos when deciding where to spend their money. More often than not, people invest in loved ones' holiday gifts and get that top-of-the-list cashmere scarf. But why not visit Kashmir instead? Or why get Dad yet another pair of Bermuda shorts when he has yet to spend a long weekend in Bermuda?

For those planning on getting engaged this holiday, traditionally, this might mean a ring. What’s wrong with an iconic proposal and experience at Stonehenge? After all, it’s been around for eternity. Or maybe visit the big, beautiful circular Blue Hole in Belize? The creative traveler can just elope and slip their partner an enormous “life experience” gift in a nice little envelope with flights, accommodations, and a fabulous itinerary including a deep-sea diving experience as they dive into a new life together.

For those who recently received a report from that confirms their solid and authentic heritage, for example, a trip to explore that heritage could be in order. This is the year for people to discover the beautiful places they came from.

They say travel is the only thing we buy that makes us richer. This Black Friday, spending a cozy day indoors planning a trip could be a nice alternative to braving the crowds and piling things into a cart. Those worried about holiday presents should also consider gifting their loved ones experiences instead of material gifts. With everyone always strapped for time, even a day trip or long weekend with someone special can create memories that a token present cannot even come close to. It’s just a matter of identifying what type of experience or trip best suits the recipient, and taking it from there.

“We strive to do three things very well: offer the best flight options, provide the lowest-priced airfare, and deliver the easiest and best-ever customer experiences,” says FlightHub and JustFly’s Matt Keezer. Travelers should take advantage of low airfare prices to stock up on experiences that will last a lifetime rather than things that will lose their appeal before the new year.

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Source: JustFly