THEKU Launches the World's First Wearable Mini-Type Body-AC

Today, the launch of THEKU neck cooler was announced. This revolutionary device is the smallest and lightest thermoelectric personal cooling wearable ever created. When worn on the neck, it provides instant cooling of the body for productivity, performance and comfort. THEKU is available now:

For anyone who has ever suffered from overheating while enjoying summertime activities, playing sports or simply working in an uncomfortably hot office, there is now a high-tech yet simple-to-use solution. THEKU neck cooler is a lightweight neckband that uses low-wattage TEC (Thermoelectric) cooling to effectively reduce body temperature. By providing cooling at the neck, THEKU helps to cool down the entire body.  

“At THEKU, we believe in better living through technology. One of the most exciting tech breakthroughs is the evolution of miniaturized thermoelectric cooling systems. These technologies are used to provide highly efficient cooling in a portable size. Our goal was to take this concept and apply it to a lightweight personal A/C that could improve performance and provide comfort when temperatures rise. Our proprietary system is a go-anywhere personal cooling device that can instantly begin reducing body temperature at the touch of a button. THEKU gives users the power to control their comfort in any ambient heat conditions to feel and perform better," said THEKU CEO Kelvin Chan.

THEKU works by placing a cooling pad on the neck that cools down the blood in the large vessels of the neck. This cooler blood travels throughout the circulation system to help cool the entire body. Controlled by a smart algorithm, THEKU can reduce the temp of its cooling pad by up to 50° Fahrenheit relative to the outside air and, through conduction, this cooling effect is transferred to the body. It provides soothing comfort no matter what the weather conditions are.  

THEKU has a unibody waterproof and skin-friendly design that is light, comfortable and IPX7-certified for water and sweat resistance. It provides personal cooling indoors and outdoors and is a game-changer for staying cool during sports, summer activities or anytime that a person feels overheated. THEKU operates hands-free and noiselessly and is made of a titanium alloy that weighs only 80g so it’s comfortable for all-day use. This incredible personal cooling device has many applications and is the most portable solution to overheating available on the market today.

The THEKU Neck-Cooler can be pre-ordered now with special pricing and incentives for early adopters. To learn more, visit the campaign here:

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