"The Wireless and Solar Towing Tail Lights": Solves the Problems of Those Working on the Highways and Byways

Technology may puzzle many consumers, but the use of this type of technology is the answer to prayers of many technicians, mechanics and owners of vehicles. The Wireless And Solar Towing Tail Lights is a specially designed system of solar and battery powered, Bluetooth® connected, tail lights and tow truck lights. Configured with a transmitter and receiver, specially designed power cables, solar panels, and mountable tail lights and tow truck lights, which can also be used as amber or red emergency flashers. The design intent is to provide a better and faster way to connect tail lights to a vehicle being towed by facilitating the connection of wires and allowing the tow truck driver to operate these tail lights via Bluetooth® technology.

The Wireless And Solar Towing Tail Lights consist of a clear lens over white LEDS for going in reverse, and red LEDS for the tail and brake lights. Amber LEDs are used for sign lights A solar panel is located on the sides of the tail lights. A battery is included and magnets for mounting the units to the trailer. In addition, a mountable transmitter and receiver system features cable connections to be used with a six-pin connecter (1-negative, 2-tail light, 3-stop lights, 4-left signal light, 5-right signal light, and 6-reverse lights) and a separate power cable.  A magnet serves to keep the cables in place. Magnetically mounted tow truck lights are available and feature a solar panel, ON/OFF switch, and rechargeable battery.  The Wireless And Solar Towing Tail Lights feature a flasher switch for emergency use should one's truck or trailer break down and for construction use on streets, roads, and freeways. This switch has three positions and allows a choice of amber light when pushed to the left, and red light, when pushed to the right. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating a very strong consumer interest in this product.

The Wireless And Solar Towing Tail Lights are Patented and were invented by Bernardino Martinez of Pomona, CA who said, “Users will save time when hooking up lights to a trailer. By harnessing the sun’s energy making connection swift, the lights are far likely to burn out at inconvenient times. The Wireless And Solar Towing Tail Lights work perfectly.”

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