The Well Groomed Franchise System, Inc. Expands Celebrity Dog Grooming Team With More Industry Heavyweights

Certified international master groomer Michelle Worthy and national grooming trainer Gina Guiborel join the Company's all-star lineup of the industry's best dog grooming educators.

Well Groomed Pets

The Well Groomed Franchise System, Inc. (Well Groomed Pets) announced today that its powerhouse team of celebrity groomers has expanded.   Michelle Worthy, an internationally certified Master Groomer, and Gina Guiborel, a national groomer and trainer with a deep passion for pet wellness initiatives, have formally joined the Company. The two celebrated groomers will join Gabriel Fietosa, Tristian Ranson, the American Kennel Club,  Andis, and others as they deliver exclusive, original and modern grooming training to Well Groomed Pets' salons throughout the U.S. each month.

Well Groomed Pets provides franchisees with an established brand name, track record of success, high-quality equipment and products, premium ongoing training by celebrity groomers, and continuous marketing support, reducing the cost of customer acquisition. 

"The grooming training we offer is comprehensive and never-ending", said Roger Lloyd, Well Groomed Pets' President of Franchise Operations. "With great humility and admiration of other wonderful grooming salons we know owners struggle to provide the inspired support and career roadmap for the hard-working and amazingly creative professional groomers they employee," he stated. "We are trying to change that by delivering the best grooming training by the industry's best and most celebrated grooming professionals."

Groomers working inside of Well Groomed Pets' salons work with some of the best and most modern grooming equipment and supplies available. From lighted hydraulic grooming tables to premium dryers to Andis grooming tools and Hydra shampoos and conditioners, the Company strives to ensure groomers have the resources needed to allow their artistry to shine every day. 

"Our store build and salon culture were intentionally designed with the groomer in mind," said Lloyd. "The space is modern, clean and filled with custom furniture and fixtures. Our profound hope is that Well Groomed Pets' salon, culture, training and support will significantly elevate the status of the professional dog groomer. They deserve so much more and we hope to lead that charge."

About Well Groomed Pets 

Well Groomed Pets is a premium grooming and wellness center that employs AI and machine learning to customize every pet grooming treatment for optimal results specific to your pet breed and your pet's wellness condition. The Company stands alone as the industry's most comprehensive wellness salon. Every grooming treatment begins with a 44-point physical, physiological and behavioral wellness exam. Well Groomed Pets' goal is to ensure Well Groomed clients are the happiest, healthiest and the best-looking dogs in town. For more information, visit



Source: The Well Groomed Franchise System, Inc.