"The Weed Sifter": Weeds, Weeds, Go Away—leave the Dirt—but Stay Away!

​No one wants to see weed throughout their grass lawn but it seems that weeds are a given in today’ world.  The Weed Sifter does what its name implies. It is a specially designed gardening tool able to remove dirt from unearthed weeds and return the excess lingering dirt back to the earth. It is made into a working prototype and provides a simple mean of removing valuable, nutrient rick black dirt and soil from plucked weeds while offering a place to hold discarded weed as one works.  The Weed Sifter is easy to operate, even with one hand, and is particularly beneficial to those with mobility challenges.

It is made with a durable, lightweight, water-resistant plastic and is comprised of an elongated handle culminating in a wheeled sifting unit. The handle easily accommodates users of any size. At the base of the handle the sifting component takes the form of an enlarged circular mesh orb. The orb is hinged to allow the unit to open halfway in order that unearthed weeds may be deposited for sifting. Once locked the lower axle, powered by the pull and push handle moves the sifter back and forth. This action causes the orb to rotate and the captured soil is removed from the weeds and dropped back into the ground. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Weed Sifter.
The Patent Pending Weed Sifter was invented by Adrienne Rogers of St. Albans, NY who said, “I have a prototype that works great and everyone has weeds somewhere in their yard and grass. This works and leaves the nice black soil behind where it belongs instead of in a garbage pile or bucket. It is a practical gardening accessory for all users and is totally user-friendly. It works perfectly.”

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