The Webinar Vet's First Ever Pig Webinar- Complimentary Due To The Kind Sponsorship Of Alstoe

Monday 4th July is Independence Day in America. However, more importantly it is the date of The Webinar Vet's first ever porcine veterinary webinar.

Merseyside, England Alstoe, one of our good friends at The Webinar Vet are providing 1.5 hours of online veterinary CPD as a service to the profession. They have just released pracetam, a new licensed NSAID solely for the pig. Until now NSAIDs have been underused in pig practice in many countries, mainly due to the absence of well registered molecules, side effects and the large scale usage of antibiotics.

In the last few years there has been a strong increase in the use of antibiotics to cover management factors and improvement of production rates in the swine industry. Today, antibiotics are becoming a public health issue. Prudent use and reduction has become a political issue in several European countries. NSAIDscan be a good alternative.

These molecules are only for symptomatic treatments allowing a large range of possibilities regardless of the initial cause of the symptoms. Their short withdrawal period, the absence of resistance, the possibility to combine them with antibiotic therapy and the lower risk of side effects of the newly registered products makes the NSAIDs a major tool in the modern pig vet practice.

Anthony Chadwick, The Webinar Vet had this to say "In this veterinarywebinar, DrFransDirven from the Netherlands will take us through his logical approach for using NSAIDs. This webinar will count as 1.5 hours of your veterinary CPD requirement.

Since 1984, Frans has been veterinarian and main partner in Veterinary Clinic,Lintjeshof and a veterinary specialist in swine health. He specialises in monitoring swine herd health management and is an international consultant for the swine industry."

To register for this webinar please click the link below, enter the code ALP into the coupon code box to get this webinar for FREE.
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