'The Water Heater Coil Adapter': Reduces Cost of Gas Consumption and Increases Storage of Hot Water

Saving money on energy is the aim of every homeowner or business owner. If one can increase hot water at the same time, then the method of use is a godsend. The Water Heater Coil Adapter is an accessory system designed for use with existing gas fired water heaters that would produce hot water more quickly than the existing heater, and provide for instant, on demand use, or for insulated storage in an accessory tank also plumbed into the structure's plumbing system.

The Water Heater Coil Adapter uses an exhaust pipe that runs vertically up the center of the heater and out the top, where it is vented to a chimney or other outdoor vent. Both the heat-transfer surface located just above the burner and comprising the bottom of the tank, and the flue which heats up due to the hot exhaust gases it conducts upward from the burner heat the water in the tank. This creates a second, or auxiliary, water heater within-a-water-heater, by running a second cold-water intake line, a straight vertical pipe, down through the flue to the bottom of the tank, where the pipe connects to the tightly spiraled, ascending Coil Adapter, which spirals upward through the flue to the top of the heater, where it exits the flue now carrying hot water that can enter the hot-water pipes of the existing plumbing system, or be piped to an insulated, auxiliary storage tank from which it may be drawn as needed. A solenoid water valve controls the inflow of cold water to the coil. The Adapter will only work if the water-heater burner is turned on. Then, as the flue heats up, the cold water flowing down through the vertical pipe is heated. When the water reaches the bottom of the descending pipe it begins to move upward, still being heated, through the ascending coil, its temperature rising ramatically due to the ongoing spiral movement through the hot flue. Then the hot water exists the Coil Adapter at the top of the heater and may be piped into the existing hot-water pipe or into the insulated storage tank for subsequent use. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Water Heater Coil Adapter.
The Water Heater Coil Adapter is Patent Pending and was invented by Salomon Tenorio of Los Angeles, CA who said, “This device caters to residential and commercial and industrial groups. It provides energy savings and at the same time supplies swift hot water without additional costs. I designed it through trial and error and is a plumbers dream for his or her clients. It works.”

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