"The Watchdog Pic": Delivers Immediate Live Video to Emergency 911 Dispatcher

It is amazing to recognize that even a witness to a crime cannot always be trusted to be accurate. Measuring accuracy with a video of a situation makes all the difference in the world because a one’s memory is not distorted. The Watchdog Pic is a software application which enables smartphone or tablet-computer users to record and immediately upload live video – as, for example, of a traffic accident or a crime – to their local emergency dispatcher, complete with GPS coordinates. Not only would the Watchdog Pic give the 911 dispatcher more information, but the live video would also constitute evidence in a civil or criminal case arising from the incident, as well as deter crime in general.

The Watchdog Pic app is configured in operating systems cellular smartphones. The app functions automatically anytime the user dials the 911 emergency dispatch with an icon coming up offering the option of “Voice Call,” or “Live Stream Video Feed.” To initiate the video stream, the user will press the “Live Stream Video Feed” icon, at which point the phone's video starts and transmits its video – of an accident scene, or perhaps of a crime in progress – directly to the 911 dispatcher, who can watch the feed and record it for evidence. Watchdog Pic also can display, as part of the video feed, the exact GPS coordinates of the caller's phone giving dispatcher his or her exact location. The Watchdog Pic system would require a comprehensive upgrade of the current 911 system, which is not currently configured for videos. The technology for such an upgrade exists as is proven by the existence of smartphone video-sharing capability and by video-calling services such as Skype®. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Watchdog Pic.
The Watchdog Pic is Patent Pending and was invented by Tuncay “Tony” Cetinkaya of Astoria, NY who said, “Technology works and the Watchdog Pic has the ability to record audio and video or still shots and wirelessly transmit immediately to emergency services. It is an all-in-one app that instantly contacts law enforcement, fire departments and other emergency personnel such as ambulances.”

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