The Votes Are in and the Winner Is Revize

A whopping 200 new municipal clients secured in 2015 and record-breaking growth makes Revize the people's choice.

Combining a superior product with outstanding customer service has been the key to success for what’s become the CMS provider of choice for municipalities -- large and small -- across the country.

“By every measurable standard, we are the #1 CMS option for our nation’s municipalities,” said Joseph Nagrant, Revize Business Development Director.  “During 2015 we experienced unprecedented growth in terms of client base, revenue, and size.”

By every measurable standard, we are the #1 CMS option for our nation's municipalities

Joseph Nagrant, Revize Business Development Director

In fact, Revize posted a breathtaking 40% revenue growth during 2015, largely by adding a remarkable 200 new municipal clients.  They also grew their staff by 20% and have added 5,000 sq. ft. of office space to their world headquarters in Troy, MI.

“The staff at Revize understands the needs of municipal clients better than any other CMS company in the country, and we are constantly innovating along those lines,” said Akshaya Ray, Chief Technology Officer, Revize.  “We are proud to have added a suite of new products including Public Service Request and Public Records Request Management apps, as well as an array of core CMS product features and enhancements.”

The company also launched a new redundant backup server architecture, to guarantee that their clients’ websites are secure and always online.

“We are all delighted by what we accomplished in 2015, but there’s an even more exciting 2016 in store,” added Nagrant.

About Revize

Founded in 1995, Revize Software Systems ( is dedicated to enhancing the communications of municipalities, educational institutions and non-profit organizations through simplified information management technologies. Revize’s innovative web design and web content management system, and suite of web apps are designed specifically to help our clients engage effectively with their constituents.  Revize continues enhancing its technology, adding new features that enable clients to effectively manage website content, as well as build sophisticated websites using the Internet and internal Intranets/Extranets to acquire, analyze, process, summarize and share information.

Revize’s stellar client roster includes municipalities and government agencies such as Madison County, IL; St. Pete, FL; Genesee County, MI, and numerous others.

Revize Software Systems’ world headquarters is located at 1890 Crooks Rd, Suite 340 in Troy Michigan.  The company phone number is 248-269-9263.

For additional information about Revize Software Systems and their innovations in the field of CMS and website design for governments, contact Margaret Kessler at 248-269-9263 or