32 + 45 X 30 = a Gigantic First Quarter for Revize

32 new website launches and 45 new clients plus 30 percent sequential year-over-year revenue growth make Revize's first quarter one for the books.

Boasting more accomplishments than will fit into one paragraph, Revize Software Systems has posted yet another quarterly report that’s bursting with good news.

“I could not be more proud of our sequential year-over-year revenue growth of 30%,” said Joseph Nagrant, Revize Business Development Director.  “It’s certainly an important indicator of sustained achievement, but it’s just one part of a picture of unparalleled triumphs.”

"I could not be more proud of our sequential year-over-year revenue growth of 30%."

Joseph Nagrant, Revize Business Development Director

Coast-to-coast client acquisitions -- 45 in total – include the City of Jacksonville, IL; the City of Woodbury MN; the City of Satellite Beach, FL; Gaston County, NC; the Lakeland School District in New York and dozens more.

Revize also launched a whopping 32 new websites during this period, including sites for Logan, UT; Prince George County, VA; Waupaca County, WI; City of North Las Vegas, NV; Rocky Hill, CT and the Rancho Simi Recreation & Park District in California.

“The accolades we have received for these beautiful and easy-to-navigate sites are gratifying, but the most important thing to the Revize team is total client satisfaction,” added Nagrant. “And based on our track record with client retention and referrals, I know we are the undisputed industry leader.”

About Revize

Founded in 1995, Revize Software Systems (www.revize.com/) is dedicated to enhancing the communications of municipalities, educational institutions and non-profit organizations through simplified information management technologies. Revize’s innovative web design and web content management system, and suite of web apps are designed specifically to help our clients engage effectively with their constituents.  Revize continues enhancing its technology, adding new features that enable clients to effectively manage website content, as well as build sophisticated websites using the Internet and internal Intranets/Extranets to acquire, analyze, process, summarize and share information.

Revize’s stellar client roster includes municipalities and government agencies such as Montgomery County, OH; St. Pete, FL; Genesee County, MI, and numerous others. Revize Software Systems’ world headquarters is located at 1890 Crooks Rd, Suite 340 in Troy Michigan.  The company phone number is 248-269-9263.

For additional information about Revize Software Systems and their innovations in the field of CMS and website design for governments, contact Margaret Kessler at 248-269-9263 or margaret.kessler@revize.com

Source: Revize