'The Universal Hat Liner': Prevents Perspiration Stains on Costly Caps and Hats

Perspiration and sweat are words none of us wish to deal with, and to make this situation even simpler for the active person is the new cap/hat liner.

The Universal Hat Liner is a line of adjustable-in-size, durable and disposable absorbent liners, configured specifically to discreetly tuck into and adhere to the inside rim of a hat or ball cap. The design intent is to provide consumers with a convenient and effective means of absorbing sweat, maintaining hygiene, and protecting the skin from excessive moisture or chafing, while also preventing sweat stains from forming on the hat, thus ensuring the quality of the hat.

The Universal Hat Liner is comprised of two different paper materials integrally attached in the center, lengthwise. Each unit is ample enough in length to go around the entire circumference of variously sized caps. One end of the Universal Hat Liner features a series of perforated sections enabling a user to tear off as many sections as needed to adjust the unit to best fit their hat. One side of paper materials is comprised of a thicker paper designed to fold over and tuck into the inner seam of a hat. The side of material left hanging over the inner rim will be a soft, absorbent and durable material.

To facilitate easy attachment of this material to the hat, a thin portion of the bottom, lengthwise on the opposite side (inner side) consists of an adhesive with a peel-away paper backing. When ready, the user simply peels the backing and adheres the very bottom of the Universal Hat Liner to the bottom of the hat rim material. Thus, protected with the Universal Hat Liner, the hat is ready to be worn. As the user goes about daily activities, it works to absorb any perspiration around the head, serving as a barrier between the skin and the hat. After use, or when exhausted, the Universal Hat Liner is peeled away from the hat and discarded. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Universal Hat Liner.

The Patent Pending Universal Hat Liner was invented by Corey Grayson of Bayshore, NY, who said, “So many times I have had to 'retire' a favorite cap because of nasty looking stains. This soft and gentle liner saves the hat, the wallet and keeps the cap in play. It works perfectly.”

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