The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Katowice Draws to a Close

Whilst Alarm Bells are sounding, Neutrino Energy offers answers

 Greta Thunberg at United Nations Climate Conference

While the participants of this year’s Climate Change Conference in Katowice, Poland tried in vain to replace the voluntary commitments agreed upon in 2015 at the Climate Change Conference in Paris with binding agreements, Germany’s Neutrino Energy Group was busy working on a solution to the global climate problem with its team of international partners: “Ignorance of the long-term consequences of global warming is nothing short of criminal negligence towards the coming generations, especially when one considers that science now has knowledge that can help us to find alternatives to our dependence on fossil fuel. This is a fact that cannot be denied!" said Holger Thorsten Schubart, CEO of the Neutrino Energy Group, after one of many successful demonstrations of the Neutrino Power Cube in Berlin.

Parallel to the occasion of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Poland, the Neutrino Energy Group presented a detailed demonstration of its Neutrino Energy Cell for a select audience. According to Neutrino Energy, this successful demonstration confirmed a notarized certification in which it had been documented that electricity can indeed be derived by using a small piece of neutrino foil coated with a layer of nanoparticles without the implementation of batteries or power cables. “Energy converted from the invisible radiation spectrum is reality – measurable reality,” summarized Holger Thorsten Schubart. The demonstration itself was conducted under the strictest of security conditions in the presence of journalists and experts in the field, and a video of the proceedings was made. 

It is already possible to cause light-emitting diodes to glow and to power small electrical devices through the use of neutrino energy – without cables, without batteries, without a generator. This method is similar to that used in the process of converting solar energy into electricity, but neutrino technology relies upon an invisible portion of the spectrum instead of light. The advantage of this method is obvious: Energy is available even in total darkness – 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

And comparable to the process of solar energy conversion, neutrino technology is scalable: The amount of energy produced stands in direct relation to the size of the power cells. “In its early stages solar energy could only be used to power small electrical devices such as calculators,” explained Schubart, “but now we’re seeing large-scale photovoltaic systems that produce enough energy for industrial applications. The same applies to neutrino energy. Of course, it takes time for people to accept technological innovations as reality, but scientific knowledge is in a process of constant development. The technological possibilities open to us today would have appeared utopic just a few short years ago.”

Now that today’s electrical devices are beginning to require less and less power, the time has finally come to move away from the large, centrally located power production facilities that date back to the early stages of western industrialization. Today it is much more sensible to think in terms of decentralization and low-voltage. None of the typical household electrical appliances in use today really needs 220 V of alternating current, but they still exist because manufacturers are forced to produce devices that are compatible with the present system. In the future, however, 12/24 or 48-volt direct current will be the norm for most daily applications, and the electricity required will not come from an environmentally unfriendly power plant, nor will it be transported long distances in a costly and wasteful process. There is no future for such outdated, ecologically unsound methods.

The solution to today’s energy problems is the neutrino. Neutrinos are high-energy subatomic particles from space that reach the earth by the billions in a constant flow. They also possess mass and are able to undergo weak interactions with other particles. This makes it possible for neutrinos to be used for the purpose of producing electricity by means of their kinetic energy, but it is important to note that neutrinos can be found everywhere, and they are influenced neither by the time of day nor by the prevailing weather conditions. The neutrino energy which reaches our planet on a daily basis is greater than that of all of the world’s remaining fossil fuel reserves combined, and for this reason, neutrinos present humanity with a virtually unlimited source of energy. 

In the past, a disturbing amount of misinformation has been spread regarding the neutrino, but the actual method of implementing these particles to produce electrical energy is in fact characterized by simple wisdom – that strength and beauty are both elegant and at the same time highly logical. After the successful demonstration of a Neutrino Energy Cell, Schubart commented: “Neutrinos are not captured when one converts their energy into electricity, just as a windmill doesn’t capture the wind. They cause vibrations on an atomic level not unlike those of a miniature generator. And although the effect of this invisible radiation is extremely weak, this seeming weakness proves ultimately to be the strength of neutrino energy, because it is available everywhere in equal concentrations. This renders centrally located power plants and extended electrical grids spanning thousands of miles completely unnecessary.”

In the end, it is the duty of mankind to seek out alternatives to the inefficient methods of energy production that are presently destroying our planet, and neutrino energy represents a way to finally end our dependence on fossil fuel and nuclear power. 

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NEUTRINO Deutschland GmbH is a German-American research and development company under the direction of the mathematician Holger Thorsten Schubart. The main office is located in Berlin. NEUTRINO Germany GmbH stands in close cooperation with an international team of scientists and research institutes that specialize in developing applications for the utilization of the nonvisible spectrum of the sun’s rays, the all-pervasive cosmic particles known as “neutrinos” among other things, by converting them into electricity. 

Special emphasis is placed upon building and maintaining a close working relationship with universities and other institutions of higher learning in the area of pure research as well as upon establishing an international network of researchers who are active in the field of alternative energy technology.

The economic goal of the NEUTRINO ENERGY Group is to develop and market technological applications for the end user using the latest findings of modern science.

The motto of the company is: “NEUTRINO ENERGY, THE ENERGY OF THE FUTURE.”

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About Neutrino Deutschland GmbH

NEUTRINO Germany GmbH is a German-American research and development company under the direction of the mathematician Holger Thorsten Schubart. The main office is located in Berlin.

Neutrino Deutschland GmbH
Unter den Linden , #21-23
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