The Unexpected Benefits of Workplace Group First Aid Courses for Brisbane Businesses

Flexible and remote working is on the rise, which has prompted forward-thinking businesses to look for ways to ensure teams stay connected and work cohesively.

My First Aid Course Brisbane

Brisbane training provider, My First Aid Course, says onsite group first aid courses are an excellent way to support teamwork and improve working relationships, while also improving safety in the workplace.

Offering a group first aid and CPR course Brisbane that is fun, hands-on and team based, My First Aid Course Brisbane explains that in the training, team members discuss, problem-solve, learn and laugh together, while practicing first aid skills that prepare them to respond to emergencies in the workplace more effectively.

Workplace group courses give teams a rare opportunity to interact with fellow colleagues in unique and creative ways. They can be more relaxed, learn new things about each other, and have fun together, which strengthens relationships and team cohesion.

Some businesses are hesitant to arrange onsite group first aid courses due to the time commitment, but the training provided by My First Aid Course Brisbane is convenient and time efficient. Participants have access to online theory learning before they attend, and training is conducted onsite as a short practical assessment of only a few hours in length. 

Another benefit of onsite first aid training for workplace groups is that first aid knowledge and skills are shared across the team. This means that an effective first aid response does not rely upon one or two people who have completed training. 

My First Aid Course Brisbane says that when giving first aid, the seconds really count. The more workers that are first aid trained, the more likely team members will receive timely medical attention, will recover quicker and get back to work sooner, or in critical cases, are more likely to survive.

Finally, group first aid courses are often more affordable for businesses than sending individuals to offsite training, as providers like My First Aid Course Brisbane may apply discounted group rates, and staff are not required to travel or pay for parking.

Any businesses in Brisbane City, South or North Brisbane, or Greater Brisbane areas can book an onsite group first aid course with My First Aid Course, by requesting a quick quote on their website, or calling the office directly on 07 3872 6777.

Source: My First Aid Course


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