"The Umbrella Pack": Backpack With Combination of Features Including Hands-Free Umbrella

​Attention all backpack users---students, cyclists, campers, hikers, anyone who uses this means of carrying items. There are times when it is imperative one’s hands remain free to handle other tasks even though using an umbrella would keep the user dry. Here is a solution. The Umbrella Pack is a premium-quality backpack with built-in headset, which incorporates a hands-free, button-activated, tilt-able umbrella. It is designed to offer active consumers a simple means of staying dry, as well as protection from harsh UV rays. The Umbrella Pack has strong appeal to anyone who wishes to stay dry and protected in a hands-free manner, including hikers, students, and others who depend upon a backpack for transporting their supplies and necessities.

The Umbrella Pack is an ergonomically comfortable day-pack fabricated in a high-denier nylon or nylon-polyester blend, standing approximately 18”H x 14”W x 8 to 10”D. The shoulder straps are reinforced and adjustable via sliding nylon buckles and the interior of the straps are cushioned with polyurethane foam. The Umbrella Pack features a padded lumbar support and adjustable, padded, nylon-buckling waist-belt. The rear of the pack features two piggy-backed cargo compartments accessible by means of full-length, wrap-around zippered closures. Additional exterior zippered pockets provide space for incidentals and a smartphone. It is equipped with a built-in, stereo headset stored in a pocket on the rear of the pack. The pack also includes a mesh-style beverage carrier and the top of the pack is equipped with a loop-style carry handle. What distinguishes this from other backpacks is the incorporation of the built-in personal umbrella which has a canopy designed to rise from a vertical tube situated within the backpack and deployed via a push-button incorporated into either a shoulder strap or the waist strap. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Umbrella Pack.
The Patent Pending Umbrella Pack was invented by Eric Johnson, Ivy Johnson and Khennedi Johnson of La Mirada, CA   who said, “Everyone knows that a backpack contains a combination of needed items when away from home. What makes the Umbrella Pack enables all users to keep their hands free for other needs when an umbrella is required. The Umbrella Pack also has a cell phone holder and a built-in headset as well as a beverage holder and extra pockets.  It works perfectly for every user.”

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