The Ultimate Speaker for Outdoor Explorers Coming Soon to Kickstarter

52 Speaker, a sleek portable speaker optimized for the outdoors, will be available exclusively on Kickstarter on March 20

Perfect for on-the-go

Makemake Inc. has revealed the launch date of 52 Speaker, their newest product designed specifically for adventurers and bike riders. The company has set out to raise $10,000 on Kickstarter to finish the development and mass production. There is much anticipation from both the Makemake team and its supporters as the campaign launch date draws near.

52 Speaker is keenly designed for travelers and explorers on-the-go. As a small and compact unit, it is easily mountable on bicycles or can be attached to backpack straps. Whether its playing music or used for hands-free calls, 52 Speaker produces consistently rich sound quality and the "Activity" mode enhances the clear and crisp sound even in outdoor environments. 52 Speaker is also conveniently resistant to water and dust.

We're very excited to be bringing 52 Speaker to the masses. Our team has been working hard to create a speaker for today's adventure seekers and we can't wait to bring this product to life!

Scott Shin, Founder and CEO | Makemake Inc.

Pre-order of 52 Speaker will be available for a limited time through the product's Kickstarter page following the March 20 launch. Individuals can now sign up to receive specials and exclusive updates on Any influencers or journalists interested in learning more or reviewing the product are encouraged to reach out through the website.

About Makemake Inc.

Makemake is a California-based company dedicated to developing innovative products that provide convenience for travelers. The products are designed and developed in Newport Beach, California, and are manufactured in Seoul, Korea.

Source: ​Makemake Inc.

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