The Ultimate Publishing House Launches the Bestseller Program

Books Inspire and Build Brands

The Ultimate Publishing House's seamless publishing formula makes becoming a published author easier than ever. In today's rapidly changing business environment, having a published book is the key to increasing credibility, visibility, distinction, prestige, and multiple streams of income. Whether fiction or nonfiction, physical or electronic, UPH authors have attracted opportunities they never anticipated as published authors.

Ultimate Publishing House (UPH) has combined traditional book publishing with intellectual property creation for all types of professionals looking to expand their personal and business brands through the power of a published book. UPH has created a marketing formula that includes a published book to establish a position of authority within our author's industries. It is the perfect publishing firm for anyone who has the desire to publish a book, explains Dr. John Demartini. Ideal for entrepreneurs, physicians, health care providers, real estate agents, technology professionals, and influencers because our authors/clients have an entire team working to create the perfect book. A published book will attract unprecedented unique opportunities.

According to bestselling author, Dr. Samantha Loren of Hormone Logic, "the Ultimate Publishing process includes epic book titles, manuscript ideas, and income streams in one concise package. It is the best publishing process I have experienced because the journey is tons of fun and offers unmatched opportunities for authors." The Ultimate Publishing House's "bestseller program" includes a title and book cover creation, author website, celebrity book foreword and testimonials, a ghostwriter, and editing with worldwide distribution. Often the book publishing process can be lengthy; Ultimate Publishing has condensed the timeline with the aid of the "ultimate creative genius team." The "book multiple streams" of revenue generation campaign includes: a pre-order campaign, streams of income arising from the book, such as creating a companion journal, supplement line, or online school. Ultimate Publishing also offers worldwide distribution, as well as translation options in 52 languages. All book distribution channels are utilized, including Amazon and hundreds more. According to personal development teacher Bob Proctor, "the process is effortless and the book is the key to residual income. The Ultimate team has some of the most creative people I have ever met."

Dr. Roger Garcia, Author of Aged to Perfection, says, "With my busy schedule, the author meetings with my editor and project manager made it easy for me to get my book completed with less than a two-hour weekly commitment, meeting via Zoom for only seven weeks." 

The Ultimate Publishing House book publishing system has been put to the test by CEO Felicia Pizzonia, who has written seven best-selling books - with the latest, Mind Candy, frequently appearing on The Ellen Show - and the next book, the Science of Closing Sales, scheduled for November 2022 release.  

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Source: Ultimate Publishing House