The Ultimate Publishing House Announces New Book and Journal to Help Achievers Push Through Perceived Limitations

The Ultimate Publishing House has published a new book and exploratory journal that can help clear away any perceived obstacles to success

Booklovers ready for transformation will benefit greatly from Carey Yukich and Hawley Woods' book "Push Through: Your Ultimate Success Playbook." Along with the Daily Push Journal, the book holds actionable wisdom that drives individuals to push through obstacles and achieve their goals. 

The co-authors and former athletes Hawley Woods Gray and Carey Yukich, Push Through helps individuals take the seeds of their greatness and grow them into fully formed ideas. Once a clear concept has been developed, Push Through delineates the details and nuances of putting together an action plan — and then acting on it.

“Many things can lead us astray when moving toward our goals,” says Woods Gray. “As a former athlete, coach, and businesswoman, I have experienced what it’s like to move up — and fall down. And it is truly an art — and sometimes a struggle — to persevere. I thrive on helping people rise after a fall.”

Co-author Carey Yukich adds, “I have been an athlete, a coach, and have built a dynamic financial services business — all of which would have been impossible without a sustained commitment to excellence and forward motion … regardless of the pitfalls and hurdles that showed up along the way.”

Push Through is a guidebook that, along with the journal, helps goal achievers gather the necessary momentum to formulate and activate a plan for the life they want to live. (

“The Push Through book and journal are success multipliers,” says Felicia Pizzonia, CEO of Ultimate Publishing House. “We are thrilled to partner with the authors as they undertake their efforts to guide others toward their best lives.”

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The Ultimate Publishing House is a complete book publishing firm specializing in non-fiction, fiction, and e-books. As a book publishing and marketing consulting firm, our focus and expertise are in the areas of branding and publishing.

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The Ultimate Publishing House - UPH is a complete book publishing firm specializing in non fiction, fiction and ebooks. As a book publishing and marketing consulting firm our focus and expertise is branding and publishing.

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