'The True Mat': Real-Life Surface Provides Exceptional Practice for Golfers

Every level golfer knows the need for continuing practice. Practice can defeat some of the numerous challenges in the game of golf and give the golfer a winning scorecard.

The True Mat is a golf practice mat primarily for use at practice ranges. It offers the player four surfaces (quads) like those found on the course: the drive or tee-box, the fairway, the sand, and the 3-inch rough. This enables practicing golfers to work not only on their swing, but also on hitting shots from surfaces like those on which they will be playing. The True Mat provides the most life-like facsimile of golf course surfaces to be found at a practice range.

The True Mat training device is for use at public and private golf practice ranges. It is divided into four areas designed to simulate those surfaces found on the course. The four areas include a tee-box for practicing with the driver, short turf like that of a fairway, sand like that in a bunker or sand trap and three-inch ‘grass’ like that found in the rough. The 4’ x 4’ square True Mat divides into these four different surfaces as a tee-box, fairway, and rough sections which are surfaced in artificial turf corresponding in length and density to their actual on-course counterparts. The tee-box section has a replaceable rubber tee, and the bunker/sand trap section is constructed with a rubber retaining lip or border. All four sections are underlain with a rubber shock pad. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the True Mat.

The Patent Pending True Mat was invented by Charles Pravata, a long-time avid golfer of Levittown, NY, who said, “Golf range owners and operators using the True Mat will find the True Mat offers their clients par excellence practice sessions. Golf instructors will also benefit, but the practicing golfer will obtain the biggest benefit of all. The True Mat works.”

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