"The Tri-Can": Recycling Made Easier by Saving Space and Eliminating Clutter

Going Green means far more than just recycling but recycling reduces waste and allows reuse of certain materials to make new items and, as such, valuable resources can be diverted away from landfills and incinerators. However, recycling can create problems in a home. That is the reason for the Tri-Can. The Tri-Can is an indoor trash receptacle featuring inner dividers which create two half size compartments for various recyclables, and one full size compartment for trash, all within a single, covered trash bin. The design intent is to simplify recycling for everyone, by providing an all-in-one unit which will neatly and collectively contain three separate bags of household waste and recycling, without these bags requiring separate containers, or worse, being strewn about the floor.
The Tri-Can is sized to accommodate a full-size trash section and two half-size sections for recyclables. It comes in various sizes for residential or commercial use. It has a hinged lid with a foot-pedal or a motion-sensor lifting mechanism. The essential design feature is a top-to-bottom divider separating the can into two halves and a second divider which bifurcates the first dividing the remaining half of the can into two quarters. The larger compartment is for trash and two smaller for recyclables. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Tri-Can.
The Patent Pending Tri-Can was invented by Arturo Soden of Brooklyn, NY who said, “I am a dedicated recycler but hate the mess of three separate bags lingering around the kitchen. The Tri-Can has all three waste containers in one convenient receptacle. It is neat and clean and there is no more mess in my kitchen. It works perfectly.”
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