"The Tread Cycle": A Two-in-One Piece of Equipment Providing Cross-Training for User

​Having sufficient space for setting up and storing exercise equipment is considered premium areas in many households. The new Tread Cycle changes that situation. The Tread Cycle is an exercise machine primarily for home use; a convertible two-in-one apparatus that combines a premium-quality stationary bike with a premium-quality motorized treadmill, quickly and easily converting from one machine to the other. It offers consumers two pieces of top-quality equipment at the price and space of one. Featuring handled resistance bands, and quickly converting from treadmill to bike or bike to treadmill, the Tread Cycle provides a simple and space-saving means of cross-training at home.

The Tread Cycle has a motorized belt on which the user may walk, jog or run at variable speeds and inclines. A touchscreen controls the speed and incline of the belt as well as displaying a variety of functions – user's heart-rate and respiration; distance traveled; speed of runner; calories burned and a set of functions for programming specific distances, hills and flat stretches. The handle and console assembly are supported by a stanchion that rises from the base of the treadmill frame. The front end of the frame rests on locking, caster-type wheels and the back end of the frame rests on a pair of adjustable-height, padded, flat, circular feet. The steel stanchion supporting the console and handles also supports a pivoting stationary exercise bike that swings out of the way when the treadmill is in use and swings into a locking position above the treadmill belt when the user wishes to cycle. The exercise bike features a fully adjustable, molded, cushioned seat and a pair of adjustable side-grips. A fold-up display console – smaller, but with many of the same options as the treadmill is easily visible to the cyclist. The seat is mounted on a flat-bar frame that extends back and up from the base of the gear hub and this frame further extends down behind the seat to a welded cross-member that is the same width as the treadmill frame and locks securely to the treadmill. The opposite ends of this cross-member are equipped with grips or handles that can be employed with elastic resistance bands for arm exercises either when pedaling the exercise bike or as a separate component of a workout.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Tread Cycle.
The Patent Pending Tread Cycle was invented by Arturo Echeverria of Paramount, CA who said, “This solves the problem of space and costs less than two separate machines. You can run, walk, use a bicycle, all in one piece of equipment.”

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