"The Top Loader 2.0": Safely Transports Heavy Loads on Top of a Vehicle

Transporting a product from store to home is not always simple if one does not own a pickup truck or trailer. This is not necessarily the case when using this new device. The Top Loader 2.0 is an aftermarket, self-contained, universal roof-rack designed for use with private passenger automobiles. It is easy to install using industrial-grade suction cups and is designed to transport heavy or bulky loads in a safe and more secure manner without damaging the roof of the vehicle. The Top Loader 2.0 enables motorists with passenger vehicles to easily and safely transport loads they could not otherwise carry.

The Top Loader 2.0 has two flat-topped racks that run across the roof of the vehicle. These racks are milled in square steel tubing mounted to the roof of the vehicle with each having a base of two industrial-grade, lever-operated rubber or silicone-rubber suction-cups pivoting to ensure a stable, secure mount on the roof. Each rack features multiple, built-in tie-down hooks, loops, and fittings, as well as a pair of cinch-clips for nylon tie-down straps running side to side over the load, as well as from front to back. A special, dedicated wrench is included for tightening the tie-down straps over the load; and a drawstring carry-bag is included for storage of the racks including other gear such as a flashlight, a tire-pressure gauge, and extra tie-down straps. An additional design will equip the ends of each rack with a pair of adjustable straps with clips or brackets to further secure the Top Loader 2.0 to the vehicle's rain-gutters or roof rails.  In the event the suction-cups fail, the racks will remain securely in place on the roof of the vehicle. When not in use, the Top Loader 2.0 stows conveniently in the storage bag and fits into the vehicle's trunk. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Top Loader 2.0. 
The Top Loader 2.0 is Patent Pending and was invented by Ronald Fajardo of Floral Park, NY who said, “Car owners are often at a disadvantage when purchasing goods that require movement of cargo bulkier or heavier than can fit in the interior. That means the roof the vehicle is the only way to get  it  home and prevents many buyers from ordering something he or she is unable to transport. The Top Loader 2.0 solves that problem and best of all, it works.”

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