"The Tool Organizer": Keeps All Work Tools Close at Hand

​The Tool Organizer is a lightweight, durable and easily transported protective storage unit for a drywall mud pan, glazing compound, or spackle, as well as a variety of putty and spackle knives. Equipped with a hook for hanging from a wall, ladder, or other structure, the Tool Organizer will keep vital supplies and tools for drywall finishers, trade workers, repair professionals, and do it yourselfers easily accessible, organized and protected. The dimensions will be 10 x 14 inches, suitable for holding a drywall mud pan or glazing compound or spackle, and will feature a hinged or removable lid with slots to hold a variety of spackle or putty knives. The lid also folds over for mud pan use. A sturdy hook on the rear side of the holder will permit the Tool Organizer to be hung securely from a ladder or scaffold.

While intended primarily for spackling work, the Tool Organizer can also be used to organize and hold a variety of other tools and supplies needed when working from a ladder or scaffold. Items such as hammer and nails, pliers, electrical wire, painters tape, and so forth are easy to locate and totally accessible. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Tool Organizer.
The Patent Pending Tool Organizer was invented by Ladislav Popier of East Hanover, NJ who said, “The Tool Organizer will be the ideal accessory for anyone who paints, spackles, or does home or structural improvements. It works perfectly for both the professional, amateur and Do-It-Yourselfer.”

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