"The Toilet Seat Traveling Kit": Remain Worry-Free When Using a Public Bathroom

Invents unveils "The Toilet Seat Traveling Kit" which protects users from bacteria and germs on public toilets when on the road.

Finally there is a way to remain worry-free when using a public bathroom when using the new Toilet Seat Traveling Kit. This kit can be carried easily into a facility without being obvious. Numerous individuals who must use public restrooms are hesitant to sit on or touch the toilet seat due to a fear of what bacteria or germs might be lingering from previous users. The new Toilet Seat Traveling Kit contains everything needed for protection against germs and bacteria.Itconsists of a zippered storage bag within which a toilet seat cover, antibacterial wipes and three pair of disposable gloves are stored.

This is a product that has been long awaited by the typical mom and dad who are always concerned about the safety of their child or children (or themselves) in a public bathroom. No more will a parent need to tell their youngster to not touch the seat because there is a prevention provided with the Toilet Seat Traveling Kit.Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Toilet Seat Traveling Kit. 

The Patented Toilet Seat Traveling Kit was invented by Gerald Brown and Rose Brown of Castroville, CA who said, “We were conscious of potential contamination from using public toilets when our kids were small and over the years that perception has not changed. The portable toilet sanitation kit is easy-to-use and easy-to-transport. Best of all, it offers protection against lingering germs and bacteria on toilets in public restrooms. We have prototypes that work exceptionally well.”

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