The Team Behind BITS of SWEETS Has Prepared Christmas Levels for Players

By the end of December all fans and new players of the new Match-3 game Bits of Sweets will be offered a special gift from the makers - 2 bonus lands with unique setting, tricky challenges and awesome prize available for playing.

This new colorful tile-matching game with mouthwatering candies as main elements was released on Facebook in November through a joint effort of the game developer Puzzle Dreams and expertised publisher Renatus Media LLC. Bits of Sweets is the first title made by new game development studio Puzzle Dreams, focused on creation of cross-platform match-3 apps and bubble shooters. Soon after release the game gained 100,000 players.

Inspired by tales and treats, Bits of Sweets tells us a story of Cara and Mel exploring the lollipop lands and hiding away from a witch. On the last week of December a cool new addition to the four originally available episodes will be released before Christmas.

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Alexandra, PR Manager

Ice Lake and Monsterland have been designed as side quests taking players to the witch’s realm. A gripping confrontation with new bosses and exciting rescue missions await there along with the great witch’s treasure to be claimed by winner.

Bits of Sweets is now available only on Facebook, but soon the game will be launched across two mobile platforms, iOS and Android.

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