Puzzle Dreams Enters the Casual Games Market with Fairy Valley

Despite the ever-growing competition in the global gaming market, new companies and new titles never cease to appear. A match 3 game recently launched on Facebook has caught the attention with its fresh 'boss battle' experience and a young company of creators.

Fairy Valley is a casual game which tells a story of an enchanted valley inhabited by beautiful fairies and a dragon they’re forced to clash with. This match 3 experience was created from scratch by a young game company Puzzle Dreams. Considering the quality and level balancing in Fairy Valley, which appears to be their first project, guys from Puzzle Dreams have serious intentions towards conquering the social and mobile games markets.

Getting back to Fairy Valley, it is basically a 180-level-long journey through the fantasy world built of many locations. Instead of candy or jelly tiles, Fairy Valley finally offers its players something non-edible to swap and match - leaves, flowers, water drops and other elements of nature. And the main goal is to match certain elements in order to make bouquets and play on.

Playing side by side with a lovely red-haired fairy named Coral, users will meet other fairytale creatures in such beautifully designed places as Dwarfland, Firefly Garden, Hilly Dilly Pond, and more. But the destination point of this whole adventure is surely the Dragon Cave.

The sweet surprise awaiting everyone seeking some fresh sensations within the established genre of match 3 games are boss levels. The boss is a Dragon, who represents the biggest danger for valley dwellers, and the only way to defeat him is match certain elements from the board and hit him. It feels fresh, engaging and fairytale-like.

Fairy Valley is also remarkable in the variety of obstacles scattered over the gameplay. The valley is filled with weeds that must be cleared, annoying ladybugs multiplying after each move, and persistent snails determined to cross the board and make the player lose. Besides, the fairy folk adores colorful bouquets, so to let user play further fairies will require him to bring down loads of various flower bunches.

Luckily, there’s a set of charmed boosters meant exactly for such cases. There are two player’s best friends - a caterpillar and a bee, so faithful they can eat a whole row or column of elements to get player out of trouble. Extra help is represented by magical artifacts borrowed from world-famous tales (Magic Wand, Crystal Slipper, Magic Flower of Seven Colors).

Fairy Valley is set to become a hit casual game.

The app’s already available online: