"The Taco Shell Spacer": Ends Broken Tacos When Loaded With Favorite Ingredients

​Mexican food has become more and more popular with the rise in the Hispanic population and demands for ethnic foods.  A favored Mexican menu item is the taco. The taco is a favorite whether used as a snack or an entrée. It is essentially a sandwich and can be topped with delicious and unique fillings. The one drawback is that there is insufficient room to fill it properly and that it sometimes breaks, making a mess. The Taco Shell Spacer solves the problem. It is a food preparation device specially designed to expand the open width of a taco-shell and keep it open during the frying or baking process. The design intent is to increase the  area of a taco shell so that more ingredients and toppings can be placed inside and enjoyed without breaking the  shell.

The Taco Shell Spacer comes in small, medium and large shells. It is a half-elliptical shape to mirror the appearance of a taco and fashioned from a heat-conducive material that is safe to use in hot oil or in an oven. It has an adjustable handle with an easy-to-use grip allowing the user to flip back and forth and attach to either side of the spacer when turning the taco shells over while cooking. The Taco Shell Spacer is able to hold the tortilla in the chosen position during the baking or frying process resulting in a crispy shell that is considerably wider at the opening. This allows one to pack in meats, lettuce, cheese, onions and jalapenos and more, all with abandon.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Taco Shell Spacer.

The Patent Pending Taco Shell Spacer was invented by Tamera Henderson of Lakewood, CA who said, “I was so tired of my shell breaking and spilling toppings all over the place. This keeps the shell open and allows users to create neat, widened tacos efficiently. It is just as helpful in a restaurant or other dining establishment as it is in the home kitchen.  It works.”
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