"The Tab-Update": Provides a Perfect Layout for Notes and Outlines

Although it sometimes might seem that computers rule the world today, the use of tablets for students and professionals will always be necessary. Whether sitting in a classroom, a courtroom or writing a grocery list, the paper tablet is a vital piece of equipment. The Tab-Update is a new concept in the layout of writing and legal pads. Featuring “built-in” lines for systematic indentation and uncomplicated outlining, the Tab-Update is designed to make note-taking easier, with more accuracy and greater legibility than conventionally lined pads. Tab-Update’s layout encourages and permits disciplined and organized notes or outlines with a geometric form. 

The Tab-Update can be produced in standard 8½ x 11- inch tablets, and 8½ x 14-inch legal sized tablets and produced in a variety of colored papers such as white, light blue, yellow, and amber. The design distinction, embodied in the Tab-Update is the ruling lines on the page; rather than simply ruled horizontal lines with a single left vertical margin line, the Tab-Update’s page features dark red vertical margin lines (left and right sides), and a series of slightly visible, vertically ruled, red tab lines one-half inch apart and construed from left to right across the sheet – these faint red lines, intersecting with the horizontally ruled writing lines, present natural spaces for indentation, centered subject-headings, and the like. Note-takers will have the ability via the Tab-Update’s scheme or pattern for precision and readability and effective organization of their notes because the layout encourages a disciplined, organized and more geometric form for their notes. Like other standard memo and legal pads, the Tab-Update pads can be packaged and sold in convenient, multi-unit packs of six or dozen; and like standard pads, it can also be produced in a variety of styles: From the standard tear-from-the-top pad to the book-like folio pad in which pages tear vertically from the left side, to spiral-bound, and so forth. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Tab Up-date. 

The Tab-Update is Patent Pending and was invented by Cameren Kahler of Gouverneur NY who said, “Organizing the way one works and writes can be a challenge. That challenge is met, using the Tab-Update’s system which is thoughtful in design and adds nothing to the cost of a memo or legal pad. It works perfectly and will be well received and appreciated by all users.” 

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