"The Stop N Go Walking Signs Glove": A Practical Safety Tool

Invents introduces "The Stop N Go Walking Signs Glove" a neon colored glove that issues a conspicuous STOP or GO for traffic coordinators.

Finally, here is an important feature to keep those working in dark, wet, snowy, cloudy, and overcast conditions in a safe environment when controlling traffic.  The new Stop N Go Walking Signs Glove is  a great solution to safe conduct for those tasked with the job of directing motor vehicle or pedestrian traffic. One side of the luminescent glove is imprinted with the word “Stop” while the opposite side is imprinted with the word “Go”. This device provides a practical safety tool which will display traffic instructions to motorists andpedestrians and helps to ensure a smooth and safe traffic flow.

The Stop N Go Walking Signs Glove performs in such a way that it is visible in the dark and keeps the wearer safe from reckless drivers. It performs the job for which it was designed perfectly and both motorists and pedestrians who all will benefit from its use. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Stop N Go Walking Signs Glove.
The Patent Pending Stop N Go Walking Signs Glove was invented by Milagros Martinez of Bronx, NY who said, “As a school bus attendant I can attest to the danger of reckless drivers. The ability to stop a vehicle or to permit a driver (or a pedestrian) to go is vitally important to his/her safety as well as those being protected. This is true for school bus attendants, heavy (road & bridge) construction industry workers, crossing guards, a police officer and others involved in safe traffic flow.

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